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Billy GRAM – Eleventh Hour Music: The Nights… EP

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


While putting the finishing touches on “Nights at the Roundtable” Billy GRAM releases “Eleventh Hour Music: The Nights…EP”. The music from the EP came from a year of traveling, performing and the feeling that GRAM was holding on too much good music that needed to be heard. While this project was literally put together at the 11th hour, it was truly needed. 11th hour, 11 songs, no skits and no interludes, just pure music to ride and smoke to.

The EP has a musical canvas provided mostly by producers Blaze Trackz and BrianTronic and guest verses from Street Knowledge, Jon Dough, Flash Paparazzi, Young Purp, Ase Card and Young Mezzy. Enjoy the EP and think of it as a fulfilling appetizer right before the main course that is “Nights at the Roundtable”.


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