Montana Of 300 – Pray For The Devil

Sephiroth Nimbus – FLODA

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Music Videos

Maryland emcee, Sephiroth Nimbus, has released his first set of visuals in preparation for his upcoming album The Holycost.

A set release date for the project has yet to be announced, but in the meantime, FLODA will certainly keep viewers scratching their heads, baffled as to exactly what they have just seen and heard. Conceptually, FLODA follows the premise of the novel, Amagumo 23 written by Sephiroth Nimbus’ close associate, Dennis Watson.

A demented child-like spirit (Floda) possesses a man for an unknown reason and soon becomes fond of a woman (Angelica) that he meets during a trip to the bookstore. Floda decides to follow up for a date, which Angelica then agrees to go on; but little does she know that what appears to be an innocent first date will soon take a turn for the worse.


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