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J.Nolan – Speed of Light

Monday, 25 November 2013
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J.Nolan - Speed of Light (v3)

Despite how repetitive or mundane our lives may seem on a day-to-day basis, the truth is that we really have no idea what the next moment may bring. Great fortune can manifest as a product of all our hard work, new friends can be made, old friends may leave, and we may very well meet our own demise at any time.

“Speed of Light” focuses on the time we do have here on this Earth to emphasize the importance of progress and productivity as it pertains to ourselves and the world around us.

Making moves at the speed of light isn’t really about financial gain so much as it’s about building a foundation to fulfill our dreams and reaching the potential we so often fantasize about. We all must ask ourselves if we’re really giving these dreams our best shot, and if not, why not? Our window of opportunity can easily be gone in a flash..


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