Montana Of 300 – Pray For The Devil

Sey Ft Toson Nosa – Substances

Thursday, 21 November 2013
New Music


It seems like today, Rap is all about the turn up. So much so that we never hear about the turn down or the want/need to turn down. That’s what I realized one weekend after continually binging on a number of things. It felt like I was drowning, but I wasn’t trying to necessarily save myself. That feeling is what I’m trying to convey with this song. The sounds are upbeat and the words seem like fun, but really take a listen to what is going on.

The Bay Area’s own, Toson Nosa, chimes in with his own account of what it means to be in that mindstate. AX adds his own thoughts through sampling the Weeknd; an artist who knows this subject too well. Shouts to Doc for mixing/mastering as well. He really helped bring this to life. Thanks for listening. – Sey


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