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AVN & King K.O.N.G. – Wash The Throne EP

Monday, 21 October 2013

wash the throne

The Wash The Throne EP is the latest collaboration from two NY based lyricists AVN and King K.O.N.G.. In usual fashion, they both deliver humor filled, satirical, somewhat poignant and off-kilter songs that will keep you nodding your head all the way.

The combination of King K.O.N.G.’s baritone flow and AVN’s high pitched delivery over funky, experimental and often dark soundscapes may sound familiar but their approach is quite remarkably different from the rest of the pack. Classic hip-hop beats produced by Fallacy and mastered by JGramm.

DL: AVN & King K.O.N.G. – Wash The Throne EP


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  1. SK says:

    These guys are the sh*t.

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