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Naturally Born Strangers – Tie Breaker

Thursday, 17 October 2013
New Music


Toronto’s finest rhyme spitters Rich Kidd, Tona, and Adam Bomb have teamed up with Bryan Espiritu of Toronto based clothing line The Legends League to form Naturally Born Strangers, the audio component to the line’s upcoming capsule collection of the same name that will be released with the mixtape in the coming weeks.

For now, fans and critics get a second single from the project “Tie Breaker”. Following the first, “A Gun & A Pack Of Sandwiches” this joint continues the steady flow of high-grade lyrics and production. With an exceptional instrumental and hook from Rich Kidd, Tona and Adam Bomb trade narrative verses with intricate storytelling.

“This record is loosely based on actual events as a commentary on love and karma. “Tiebreaker” is a 2-part story, combining the lives of two people whose stories intertwine as an example of how love provides the path towards good or bad choices and results.” – Adam Bomb


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