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Serafia – Touching My Soul

Monday, 14 October 2013

Touching my soul is the debut release of Serafia’s (pronounced “Sir-Raw-Fee-Uh”) soon-to-be released Dance/EDM album. In the track, we can vocally hear Serafia’s influences in jazz and soul, as well as in her style, but wrapped in a modern, break-beat, synth-pop sound.

The music video provides us with a sensual approach of what “Touching My Soul” might actually mean to Serafia — With a veritable bevy of sensuality and beauty throughout the video, she is creating a metaphor of what the soul really is. Filmed all over Austin, Texas, we can only deduce that the video is a reflection into the mind of Serafia and how she expresses and interprets art, beauty, sensuality and soul.



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