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Monday, 07 October 2013
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Having seen a news item about a young student called Felicia Garcia from New York who was suffering silently with being bullied and due to this, committed suicide to stop it once and for all – Boston-based Hip-Hop group Fame or Juliet a trio of 19 year old guys (J.Forte, Caleb and Jeremias) truly related to this unfortunate story and were so inspired by this case that they decided to write a song about the issue of teen suicide and dedicate it to her.

‘Felicia’ is a poignant well-thought out respectful tribute to Felicia Garcia and a cry for help to anyone who is and has suffered with bullying. Its rhythmic marching band beat offers a subtlety to the track and the issues behind it to lend the listener’s ear to cling onto every word and listen to the story of what is being expressed. It gives an understated beauty to the track, and coupled with the looped vocal chorus, allows you to feel the emotions of what bullying can do and how it can lead to the lesser-known childhood issue of teen bullying.


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