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FREE Giveaway: I’m In Love With A Church Girl (2 Movie Tickets)

Thursday, 03 October 2013


“I’m in Love with a Church Girl” The movie & Raps&Hustles have teamed up to give our viewers a FREE giveaway! No elaborate sign up qualification, and completely free of charge.

Take an easy 5 question quiz for your chance to win! Make sure to post your results and email from “Is it a Crush or True Love? QUIZ” on the comment section below. Winner will be randomly selected on October 25th 2013.


About I’m in Love with a Church Girl:

Have you ever had a crush that changed EVERYTHING?

Miles Montego has it all. Including a past, but when Miles meets Vanessa Leon, a woman who is different than every other woman he’s met, he is drawn to her beauty and her faith. Increasingly, he is torn between a life that he knows and a love that he feels. As Vanessa experiences his lavish lifestyle, mobster-type friends, gun play, and encounters with past women, Vanessa must reconcile her faith in God and her growing love for Miles.

I’M IN LOVE WITH A CHURCH GIRL is a powerful, inspiring story of a love between a man and a woman, a gift of second chances, and a family at home and in church that never stops praying and believing.

I’m in Love With a Church Girl opens in theaters October 18.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl CAST:
Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins
Adrienne Bailon
Stephen Baldwin
Michael Madsen


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  1. William Hong says:


  2. Lexi says:

    I got Crush!!

  3. Patricia Mendoza says:

    Ok so you’re in crush city… the best thing about crushes is that they’re bound to blossom into true love… and true love changes everything!
    Get inspired with your loved one, and check out I’m In Love With A Church Girl in theaters October 18

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