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Qualmes – Unborn Queen

Tuesday, 01 October 2013
New Music

UnbornQueen_03 (1)

Qualmes introduces us to his latest record ‘Unborn Queen’. An impactful follow up to his previous “Direct Deposit” release, ‘CT’s Betrayal’. The hazy, dreamlike sample from Lonnie Liston-Smith’s “A Garden Of Peace’ enabled Qualmes the continuation of openness on a strenuous subject. The Black Gringo speaks to his unborn baby girl as her conscience in ‘Unborn Queen’; rendering fulfillable promises & aspiring to be nothing less than a dependable provider.

The merging mixture of piano keys and Drumma Drama’s snare rolls, ripple into the ideal platform for Qualmes to display his passionate lyricism. With an ending of emotional uncertainty blossoming into unconditional love, this record demands the attention of any young father raising his offsprings in some of today’s hellish environments.


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