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Coolio Selling Off Music Catalog to Fund Chef Career

Friday, 23 August 2013


Coolio needs your help. More specifically: He needs your money. The rapper is looking to make a major career change, shifting from the rap game to the food game, pursuing his career as a chef and cooking personality. The “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper is selling off the rights to his catalog through a company called Royalty Exchange that according to its website specializes in auctioning off “royalty streams from music, film, TV, books, solar energy, pharmaceutical, intellectual property, oil/gas and more.”

According to The Guardian, on August 28 Coolio’s catalog of 123 songs drawing from eight different albums will go sale, with an estimated price between $134,000 and $225,000. The royalties from his catalog are said to collect $23K a year. He hopes to use the funds to “expand his cookbook series and his online cooking show of the same name.”

This isn’t Coolio’s first foray into the culinary arts. Back in 2009, he published a cookbook titled Cookin’ With Coolio: 5 Star Meals At A 1 Star Price that went on to become a bestseller. Bidding for Coolio’s music begins on August 28 and ends August 29, so start writing your check now.

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