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2013 Limited Edition Tony Parker Watch

2013 Limited Edition Tony Parker Watch

Friday, 10 May 2013

PRC_200_Tony_Parker_2013_T055_417_16_057_01_MTThe Tissot PRC 200 Tony Parker Limited Edition 2013 stands for Precision, Robustness and Classic style. This is exactly what is seen as the French national basketball team’s captain makes one of his signature tear drop shots. He shows Precision as he aims for the hoop, while the athlete’s endurance and strength is represented by the Robustness of the piece. As Tony Parker rapidly passes by his opponents to get to the free throw line, you will witness his classic style. The timepiece is sophisticated, yet with stylish and sporty details which provide it with that exceptional touch. The details and qualities of the Tissot PRC 200 Tony Parker Limited Edition 2013 are what make it perfect for any occasion.

The precision of the piece is highlighted by stylish details such as the orange minute track and hands, which also portrays a sporty look, further recalled by stitching on the all-time classic smooth leather bracelet. A tailored touch is brought to the watch with a highlight of Tony Parker’s player number 9 on the dial. Adding to that uniqueness is the fact that this watch is limited to 4’999 pieces. These will feature a case which is finely engraved and a case back with the talented basketball player’s signature and number which are silk printed. You will have to try and keep up with Tony Parker’s fast pace to get your hands on one of these limited edition pieces.

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