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Ludacris Signs Headphone Deal With Quarterback Tim Tebow

Ludacris Signs Headphone Deal With Quarterback Tim Tebow

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Even though pro quarterback Tim Tebow didn’t have a particularly awe-inspiring season on the New York Jets’ bench, that isn’t keeping the football star from expanding his brand. Now, in a recent article from Mashable, it appears that Ludacris has enlisted Tebow to design a line of headphones for his company Soul Electronics.

Earlier this week, Luda and Tebow unveiled Tebow’s new line of Soul Electronics headphones at 2013 International CES conference. According to the product description, Tebow’s line of headphones will feature two models – one a more sport friendly version called the Combat+, and the other made for more casual listeners called the Jet.

“I was so interested in having something comfortable I could practice on the field in before games,” said Tebow. “So many headphones can feel good and sound great, but when you’re warming up, they fall off and that is a big distraction. We came up with these Combat models to help you keep that focus. People who try them out will hopefully believe in them. We have headphones for athletes who want to train and some for those who want to fly or even sleep. They are even great for moms who are doing the dishes and listening to their country or gospel music. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, we have something that fits you.”

Tebow will also serve as Soul Electronics’ new brand ambassador. Images of the headphones can be seen below.



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