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Birdman Aims To Release 100 Albums In One Year

Thursday, 29 November 2012

After selling 500,000,000 records, Birdman promises that more are on the way with the Cash Money Empire. With over 48 acts under his umbrella, he’s aiming to put out 100 albums in one calendar year.

“The goal is to keep developing and keep putting out, so to do that we have to keep buckling down, grindin’ hard and stayin’ focused. And that’s a big challenge, to put a hundred out,” Birdman told Rob Markman of MTV. “Everybody that’s doin’ this — outside of who we done rocked with — is really an enemy to me. So if you ain’t on the team, I’m after your head. If you’re doin’ what we’re doin’. We wanna do the most numbers every year, each year, the most digital numbers. That’s what we ’bout, if you doin’ this music and you ain’t rockin’ with us, you’re on the menu so that’s just what it is.”

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