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SEMI – Tales Of The Underdog

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Finally, the wait has ended. The Elite Fleet Generals (EFG) & The Elite Money Empire Presents to you: SEMI’s “Tales of the Underdog” mixtape. The tape, which boats 15 tracks of original music, tells the story of an ambitious, determined and talented rapper’s world trying to make it to the top. Dealing with women, his dreams, and frustrations with the game, every bar SEMI spits is meaningful and hits hard. Whether you like punchlines, storytelling or wordplay, this mixtape contains dynamic quality music that pleases. SEMI has prided himself on his old school, golden era appeal & has filled this project with lyrical wit over Hip Hop beats that would make any old timer stop & ask, “Who is this young kid spittin’ like that?!”. It is also well balanced out with female friendly tracks & a groove to make any Hip Hop lover want to jump in their ride & cruise to it.

DL: SEMI – Tales Of The Underdog


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