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Asher Roth Announces New EP With Nottz & Travis Barker

Monday, 09 April 2012

We’re doing another tape called Rawther. Travis Barker is on the drums, and it’s just like so stupid. He’s trying all these new things and messing around. Obviously, he’s a music guy. So he’s sampling all this Indie Rock—whether it be White Stripes or all this other stuff. It’s so dope to be with somebody I got in so early with when I was a little punk with my hair short and cargo shorts on. I was just kind of moving around, and Nottz saw something in me and told me to keep going. He’s not gonna talk your ear off. He’s just like, “Let’s go.” He’s all work, but he’s the man. He’s so funny and talks so much shit, but he’s not gonna put it all out there for you. I think that’s what’s so amazing about Nottz, because there’s still a little mystery involved with him. It’s not like he has his own clothing line or anything. He just does great Hip Hop music, and I’m excited for him because he’s starting to branch out.The new stuff that we’re doing is…I don’t even know if you can classify it as Hip Hop. It’s almost Rock music that’s coming from the boom bap, and there’s elements of psychedelic trip Rock [laughs]. I don’t even know. Nottz is such a mad scientist.


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