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Young Jeezy Announces CTE Compilation Album With Freddie Gibbs & Tone Trump

Sunday, 08 April 2012
During an interview with MTV News’ Sway Calloway, the Snowman revealed that the single will be titled “Ridin‘” and that the crew, which also consists of Freddie Gibbs, Tone Trump and more, has many singles in the stash.

“We got the singles locked and loaded, we gonna shoot a couple of videos,” he said. “I’m on tour, so I’m in the middle of the tour, right before I get off I’m ready to go. Freddie Gibbs, the whole camp, we ready, we turned up.”

Last month, Jizzlespoke on how the compilation will give his CTE crew some shine. “It’s The World, it’s basically I’m just bringing my crew to the forefront,” he explained.. “It’s been a long time coming, CTE World. I’m proud to announce that. The music is incredible for one and everybody knows Gangsta Gibbs is in a great place right now as far as what he do. And I’m just bringing the rest of the crew along for the ride man. It’s gonna be a CTE World summer.”


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