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Rick Ross Speaks On Pill Departure From MMG

Friday, 03 February 2012
Rick Ross talks to Sway on the set of ‘Shot Caller (Remix)’ video shoot about Pill’s departure from MMG and gives some information on Pill’s deal with Warner.
“I’m a real dude and I’m a real boss and once you rep the MMG flag, I’ll never step on your feet; I’mma give you a pass anyway,”
“Pill’s situation was a special situation because he was already signed to Warner before I did my label deal at Warner. So when I did do my deal, it was a business opportunity that was presented where Pill could run with the team for a year,” Ross confirmed. “I took that opportunity. That year ran its course and it was pretty much up to Warner what decisions they wanted to make with Pill as an artist after that point. I think they made it.”
“Hopefully, in the future he’ll bring him a hit record, and get him some paper and do his thing. I wish him much success.”


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