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2 Chainz & Future Talk Collaborative Project, Pros & Cons of Record Deals & More

Friday, 16 December 2011

While Future has the backing of a major label — Epic Records — and 2 Chainz is in talks of signing on the dotted line by early next year, both rappers still hustle as if it’s themselves against the world.

Future is focused on “patience” and creating “songs [that] translate into residuals,” while working on his debut effort “Pluto” (Jan 31.) 2 Chainz is talking money with record execs while promoting his DJ Drama-hosted “Gangsta Grillz” mixtape “T.R.U. REALigion.” “Eventually I’m going to entertain a deal, especially if it makes sense, especially if it’s in the mills [milions]… in the m’s,” 2 Chainz tells The Juice.

“Come over to Epic,” Future tells 2 Chainz. “We could get some more checks together. People be begging for the album,” he says before both laughing off comparisons. “I be in the bathroom. Ni**a riding up on me, ‘Tony Montana.’ I say ‘Ni** that ain’t me fool,” 2 Chainz jokes.

2 Chainz and Future say a collaborative album isn’t far-fetched but only if they get paid for it. “We do got [to] get money together. There never been a situation between us. I fuck with his campaign,” 2 Chainz tells The Juice. “It’s a lot of money for us to get, I just feel like, he may feel like me as in as far as [if] we do it, it got to make money and make sense. We did a record together and we sold. That was like an appetizer. We might have to shoot a video for it.”

“But to get us together on a whole album it’s gonna make sense for us to get a lot of money for it,” Future says, co-signing 2 Chainz.

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