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Tyga On New Album & Beef With Wiz Khalifa?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Theme of Careless World:
“Um yeah, it’s a theme album basically and Rise of the last king, is my rise of me becoming King of this place called Careless World. It’s almost like a dream, something that I made up in my head, so it’s like a real theme album, and it’s like narration from beginning to end. Almost as if you were to read a story book or watch an old story time type movie”

Guest features on album:
We definitely have like Nicki and Drake and Wayne on the album, of course. Big Sean, J. Cole, Robin Thicke, it’s a good album.

on Wiz Khalifa comparisons and rumored beef:
People compare us, I think they see..maybe just age wise, and we kinda came up the same way just dropping mixtapes and videos like that. So we got kinda the same fans, a lot of are fans are kinda in the same fan base. Only difference is, he smokes and I don’t. It’s Hip-Hop, they think Big Sean and Drake got beef, they think…everybody, they say anything. I mean that’s how it is in Hip-Hop. Unless someone really comes out and actually says an artist name, then you really can’t consider it beef. They just make it cause they wanna see it, you know? it’s fun, it’s entertaining.


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