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50 Cent Interview With DJ Whoo Kid On Shade 45

Saturday, 10 December 2011

50 Cent went to the shade 45 studio today to talk about ’50 Cent is The Future’, how the ‘The Big 10′ is different from other mixtapes, his new artist Paris, explains his ‘Big 10′ joint ‘Wait Until Tonight’, his charitable efforts through Street King and SMS Audio, Lil Wayne, Watch The Throne, G-note, Reveals ‘Big 10’ was recorded in 4 days & announces new mixtape!Previous: 50 Cent – The Big 10

50 Cent Interview On Shade 45

  • 00:00 Talks about concept of a mixtape and how he started
  • 03:30 Speaks on his new artist Paris
  • 05:20 Talks ‘Wait Til Tonight’ and appreciates Scoop Deville’s production.
  • 07:30 Explains Feeding America partnership with SMS by 50 headphones
  • 14:00 Talks meeting Banks & Yayo in early times, recording in basements, Smack DVDs etc.
  • 17:30 Talks Lil Wayne, sales competition with Kanye on Curtis vs. Graduation
  • 19:20 Says the SMS by 50 earbuds will be out in early 2012, upcoming products including a special headset for DJs.
  • 28:00 Talks ‘Ni**as be Schemin’ with Kidd Kidd and reveals it was recorded in New Orleans
  • 29:10 50 says he spoke to Birdman recently but doesn’t reveal any details on the conversation
  • 32:00 Explains difference between G-Unit and G-Note
  • 34:40 Reveals that there’s a Street King mixtape on the way
  • 36:10 He recorded & compiled The Big 10 in about 4 days
  • 37:15 Says he wants to release the album top of 2012 but it will depend on the label’s readiness
  • 39:00 Talks Dr. Dre and his “new artist” talking something
  • 41:00 Comments on ‘Watch The Throne’



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