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Bryan Leach Clears Up A$AP Rocky Signing: “It Wasn’t $3 Million in His Pocket”

Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Bryan Leach, the man who signed A$AP Rocky to Polo Grounds Music, clarifies the reports that the Harlem rapper signed for $3 million

After releasing music videos for his tracks “Purple Swag” and “Peso,” Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky quickly became one of the most buzzed about upstart rappers across the Internet. That buzz resulted in a deal with Polo Grounds Music, a subdivision of Sony/RCA, that Rocky himself said in interviews was worth three million dollars. However, Bryan Leach, the founder of Polo Ground and the man who signed the 23-year-old, says the deal wasn’t as simple.

“What he was saying was, when you look at his deal, between the marketing, the promotion, the A&R budget, the advance, the life of the deal—this is what it comes up to,” Leach told XXL. “It’s no different than an NBA contract if you factor in bonuses. It was definitely a competitive deal, and it was worth every penny, but it wasn’t 3 million dollars in his pocket.”

Leach thinks that Rocky probably didn’t expect people to take his words so seriously. “He’s a young kid, he’s not media savvy, because he’s just honest. He doesn’t realize that what you say, people take literally.”

Though he denied that the deal put three million dollars in Rocky’s bank account, Leach wouldn’t confirm what the exact number was. “That’s putting out his personal business,” he said. “It was a competitive deal. I will say that every single label out there was trying to sign the kid, and he took one or two meetings and went with his gut and his heart. It wasn’t because of money. It wasn’t a big ass bidding war. But it was a competitive deal. It also factors in his A$AP Crew.”

Via: XXL


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