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Game Talks Upcoming Mixtape “Condoms And Corona”

Monday, 25 July 2011


Game will be releasing yet another mixtape for the fans before his The R.E.D. Album drops August 23rd. The tape is called Condoms and Corona and after a recent interview with AllHipHop we now know a little bit more about the project. Game also speak;s on the first leak, “Uncle Otis“.

Game: I like to do my mixtapes like albums, put them in album format and make sure everything is sounding good from beginning to end, sorta put out a single with it. “Uncle Otis’ is the single off the Hoodmorning (no typo) Mixtape called, Condoms and Corona, I stole a page out of the Hangover and I woke up in East LA in a house full of Latinas and a house full of bad Mexican b****s. Wit condom rappers and Coronas everywhere.

AllHipHop: (laughs) That’s crazy man

Game: Yea, I’m crazy man, or at least I want people to think I am.

AllHipHop: What kind of features can we expect on your mixtape? Who do you think is dope right now and how do you feel about the music out now?

Game: Lex Lugar, Mars he produced 4-5 tracks on the album, Tyler the Creator, I finally got it in with him and I dig his album and the whole thing. A couple of people are dope right now, I’m just going through hip hop like everyone else. If something that comes out is dope, I’ma be a fan of it, so man there’s a couple of people.

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