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CyHi The Prynce Credits Beyoncé For Helping Him Land A Deal With G.O.O.D. Music

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Not long after G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi The Prynce spilled the beans on an upcoming movie he’s working on, the ATL spitta opened up to the VIBE staff on the extra push he recieved to grab’s Kanye’s attention.

You see, CyHi recently released Royal Flush 2, the second installment of what fans hope to be a running series, but outside of that, VIBE really ony knew that The Prynce was quietly watching the throne (pun intended). But somehow, we just knew that he’d have a lot to say.

The outrageous rapper dropped some interesting bombs on us about how he made it to Ye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, crediting Beyoncé as a reason he was able to sign with G.O.O.D. Music and what he feels Watch The Throne will mean for hip-hop .

VIBE: Wow. Beyoncé was the bug in Ye’s ear telling him to put you on?
CyHi: Beyoncé is one of the reasons I got signed to G.OO.D. A lot of people don’t know that. I guess [it was] when he was playing her the music, when I had snuck my verse on Kanye’s song. The story is: One night I was at the studio, and he was doing his record, and he was like,’Yo, I’m finna go. Think of this hook for me.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool,’ so when he told me which song it was, it was one of my favorite songs that he was working on. I thought of the hook, so I put it on the song. And it was crazy because… Well, let me tell you this story first:

When I first got to Kanye, when we was at the studio, it was in Hawaii right [in front of] the ocean. When you go in, you go through, like, 20 doors, you know what I’m saying? You gotta go through so many rooms just to get to where he is. So once you get in there, he had rules and regulations like “No internet,” “No electric guitars,” “No autotune,” “No cameras,” no nothing. He had the rules on the wall, but once you seen what he was in there doing, it was all work, it was all business. There was never no playtime. But when he asked me to do the song, it was a strict environment, so I didn’t have nothing else to do. I was like, I’ll write a verse. So I wrote a verse, and I didn’t want him to hear my verse so I put my verse at the end of the song. [Laughs] So I guess when he was playing the song for Beyoncé, and whoever else, I guess he left the song playing while he was talking, and my verse just came in out of nowhere. And that was it.

And that became “So Appalled.”
Yeah, this was for “So Appalled.” At this time, Kanye didn’t have a phone, so one morning, I get a number from Hawaii that calls me. I’m thinking it’s the local weed man or something or some girl I met in Hawaii, something like that [Laughs]. I pick up the phone like, [Imitating Kanye] ‘Hello, this ‘Ye.’ I’m like, ‘Ye, you got a phone?’ He was like, ‘Congratulations.’ I’m like, ‘What did I do? What happened?’ He sounded like he was kinda mad at first, and I’m thinking he done fu*kin’ heard the verse, aw man! [Laughs] He was like, ‘You made the album, congratulations; The verse is incredible.’ And ever since then, it’s been smoothe sailing.

Wow. Something so major stemmed from him accidentally letting the music run. [Laughs] Well, you sort of broke the news that Watch The Throne was complete. What do you think about Watch The Throne, and what do you think it’ll mean for hip-hop?
It’s like those dream teams that you always wanted to have. Like, even with Miami. Even though they lost, everybody wants to watch them play because it’s LeBron James and D. Wade on the same team. For [Jay-Z and Kanye] to do it together… See, I was just blessed to watch them do it together. I actually got to watch the throne, you know what I’m saying? I literally watched it, and it was amazing to see those two work together. It wasn’t even so much of them working together, it was the conversation in between the songs. The debates, the marketing strategy, the way they talked about it, different things like that. That was the most monumental part to me. It was a dream come true; these are my idols. These are the people I looked up to coming up; these are the people I wanted to be like, and I’m in here watching them do this. My biggest goal was to do a song with Jay-Z, not just put an album out, not to have 100 million dollars, but do a song with Jay-Z.

Well, you’ve done that.
Right, but you know what? God gave that to me to say, ‘Hey, I need you to do more, though.’

I definitely hear that. How are you feeling about the reaction to Royal Flush 2?
Aw, man. It’s incredible! I didn’t know this many people loved me. [Laughs]

And the debut album is coming in September, right?
We’re working on that. We don’t have a solidified date yet, but we’ll try to do it real, real soon! We’ll push a couple more buttons on this Royal Flush 2, and we’ll be there.

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