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Ghostface Killah: 2nd Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

Ghostface Killah: 2nd Annual Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Yeah at the rate that these wack niggas is fallin from the sky who can really wait a whole year n shit son? Whattup yalls. P-Tone aka the Mighty Fists of Hercules is back in the buildin nahmean. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Softest Niggas In The Game countdown yall. To keep this shit fair I aint gon mention no niggas from the first time around n shit. So now that we got the formalities out the way lets get into this shit. Word.
10. Lupe Fiasco
Ayo before Lasers son was jus ya typical above average sorta corny semi fruity but definitely lyrical ass rapper nahmean. He wasnt like the most incredible nigga breathin or nothin like that but son was still kinda nice namsayin. Then the niggas label started playin games wit his mind n shit…n long story short…he decided what he was gon do was make the lost C&C Music Factory album or some shit. You can feel feathers flyin out the speakers when those songs is playin son. This nigga makin seem like DMX yo. Lupe more delicate than paper panties rite now namsayin. If that snow nigga Tobey Maguire started rappin tomorrow Im pretty sure his album would sound a lot like Lasers yo. But the little homie probably gon bounce back from that corny shit when he drop FNL 2. Word is bond. Thats why he at the bottom of this list n shit. But til then I aint givin a frozen fuck bout this nigga.


9. J Cole
Its too bad yo cos son started out kinda ill nahmean. He still got potential but niggas aint jus gon 1) wait forever for son to come up wit a single that aint trash so that his label can finally greenlight his album n 2) let this nigga slowly transform into the nex Drizzy…like we aint noticin that bullshit. Let me make this clear tho…son IS NOT wack. But he IS softer than babys breath namsayin. I dont think theres ever been a nigga that talked bout all the shit he had to overcome on so many different songs namsayin. This nigga jus dont stop havin that chip on his shoulder. I dont mean like how M.O.P. got chips on they shoulders tho….I mean like how ya girl wanna have a serious talk bout her feelings 5 minutes into game 7 chip on his shoulder. Son is bitter yo. What the fuck you so mad bout son? Like all ya stars aint already aligned n shit. I hate a emotional ass nigga. Sons only a few music note tattoos away from bein a full blown bitch yo. But like I said he a talented little nigga so hopefully he stops actin like a human tampon n learns to lighten up. Cos I wanna see son do good forreal nahmean.


8. T.I.
This aint 2005 g. This nigga is a whole different animal rite now. Paper Trail was actually cool but sons been goin downhill ey since that time yall. Maybe thats got to do wit the some the lame moves he made after he got outta jail. Lets jus face summa these facts tho. No Mercy was audio nyquil son. If you listen close you could actually hear snoring in the background through all those songs n shit b. Nigga give the Crime Stoppers shit a rest….stop gettin knocked for stupid shit….stop weepin in courtrooms…stop tryin to get niggas to rock that Akoo bullshit….n jus make another What You Know. N please yo…no more of these “inspirational” joints when you get released again g. We get it yo. Cmon Clifford. Either chill wit all that progesterone shit or jus hop into your little cloud car n drive ya ass back to Care-a-lot n leave rap alone til ya manhood re-emerges or some shit nahmean.


7. B.oB.
Son I wanna make it real clear that I dont hate this nigga. But he still soft as fuck yo. This that nigga that you see in the classroom carvin hearts wit arrows goin thru em on his desk. Son probably rocks cereal jewelry. I think that he be wantin to prove that he aint actually that tender tho namsayin. So he tried to get some beef to pop off wit that Tyler the Creator nigga. Thats like bein at a new school n wantin to show the other kids that you aint no bitch nigga so you go stomp some kid from the special ed class. I jus cant condone this niggas actions b. Like I said tho Tone aint got no hatred for this dude…but he really do seem like the type a nigga that would find a wounded butterfly n repair its wing n shit nahmean. Sons a meadow dweller. The nigga probably serenades birds n squirrels namsayin.


6. Puffy
Thanks for Biggie son…..but please get the fuck outta here. Puff is like the nigga at the party that wont go home. Notice the joint was called “Coming Home”….cos the nigga never actually GOES home namsayin. No nigga on the face of the earth has stuck around while doin almost nothin of importance for this long b. I think we was good after No Way Out son. You aint need to drop 4 other full albums after that tho. You coulda left b. Niggas coulda lived without Danity Kane n Ciroc. Son been on W.U.S.H status for a minute namsayin but I aint even frontin on the soft ass eurotrash Cirque du Soleil music he makin. Sons on this list cos his moistness levels has been percolatin like a muthafucka. This niggas blood is almost all champagne now. That might sound like some fly shit but you can see what the actual results is yaself namsayin.


5. Swizz Beatz
Aka Snoop Budden. Aka the rap Pau Gasol. Aka the McRib of hip hop. Aka the human yeast infection. Get this niggas dusty ass the fuck outta here already. Son cant contain his softness. The niggas favorite color is rainbow. The nigga only has two facial expressions: Jus been raped or bout to rape somebody. The nigga always either looks like he bout to violate a broad/nigga or he looks like the picture on a missing dog poster. This nigga made the same beat for the first 4 years of his career son. Now he jus the only nigga alive tryin to duplicate Diddy Dirty Money. Get him the fuck outta here.


4. Chris Breezy Brown aka Young Ike Turner aka the most emotional nigga alive aka FUCK THIS NIGGAS LIFE.
I kno son aint a rapper…but how many these niggas really is anyway? The nigga coulda easily been #1 on the list but the competition kinda stiff (pause) these days yo. Son looks like he closes his eyes when he brushes his teeth nahmean. This is the type a nigga that wraps his mouth on the outside of the bottle when he has a beer. I hate this soft serve nigga wit my entire heart (pause) son. Get this pantyhose hearted nigga out my site b.


3. Mac Miller
If Hobbits rapped this is what they shit would sound like. I cant believe niggas actually listen to this toothpaste niggas music yo. Forreal forreal. This dude wrestles kittens yo. Son probably owns a giga pet namsayin. If you slapped  this dude it would probably sound like glass breakin. Son celebrated when the wicked witch got the house dropped on her b. Son probably lives in a mushshroom or some shit. Somebody needs to pour this milk dud midget muthafucka back into his Aveeno bottle n throw that shit into the ocean.


2. Yung Berg
Ayo this nigga dodged a bullet on the last list g. But only cos I forgot he existed n shit nahmean. But sons been makin all these power fails n gettin hisself back into the public eye n whatever. Son is the worst kind a soft nigga cos he dont even kno he soft nahmean. If reincarnation was real this nigga would come back as play doh son. Real talk. Son makes you wanna beat the porridge outta him. Thats why this nigga gets slapped at least twice a week yo. If you cant remember the punchline to a joke all you gotta say is “Yung Berg” n you gon get the same laughs anyway nahmean. Somebody needs to douche this niggas entire life son.

1. Aubrey
Aka the Ryan Seacrest of rap. Son is the safest nigga on earth. This the type a NAHGGER that old rich white men try to set up wit they daughters n shit. This nigga wasnt born yo….he was blossomed. When he aint startin pillow fights on tour n pollinatin flowers n shit son stays spittin wit that tenderized Stephen Hawking voice. The niggas heart got a ponytail. Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin. He the type a nigga to sprinkle rose pedals on his bed before he go to sleep n shit. Son could probably frost a cake usin his eyes nahmean. This niggas moms n pops basically got Rick Rolled when the doctor said “Its a boy!” But it aint like Tone wanna see the nigga get torn to pieces by a pack a wolves n shit. If I seen him would the god wanna beat the garnier fructis outta him? I dont kno b. Maybe?
By the way the homegirl @FeFeGirlWonder on twitter mighta said it best when she told me Aubrey was a pre-cum baby. Word.
Aight peace.
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  1. B says:

    Oh anf Ghostface Killah is wack.Thats a well known fact.He will never reach Method’s level

  2. B says:

    Whoever writes these articles is fucking stupid and has no taste.Also,the King T.I,will kill your ass if he saw this shit,you stupid nigga

  3. Prank411 says:

    Chris Brown closes his eyes when he brushes his teeth! Hahaha

  4. ShitsWeak says:

    This has got to be one of the most trash ass articles ever written. Majority of these guys named are lyricists, not special ed kids like migos, keef, young thug and the rest of the bullshit released today. Anybody remember when rap was about lyricism? Clearly the dumbass who wrote this article doesn’t. Kill yourself bruh!!!

    • UDIE says:

      Nigga, all these boys soft, son. Who cares if they lyricists yo, they still soft ass niggas.
      BTW Their lyrics suck b. Im guessing some of these niggas are your favorites, right?
      You a soft nigga too yo.

  5. BStar says:

    Muhfuccaz really mad about this list…..must be lame as Fucc too lol

  6. killa J says:

    Why are people getting so bent outta shape about this? Like the dude said below, its comedy. This shit is the funniest thing ive read in a while!

    “Swizz Beats is the mcrib of hiphop. This nigga made the same beat for the first four yrs of his life, son.” …lol. Classic

  7. Dick Gozenya says:

    THAT was hilarious!!

  8. Ghost says:

    Errybody aint gotta b gangstas… Or tough guys

  9. Bobby4220 says:

    You all know this is a white kid, not GFK. Kid is the man with the expression of thought and emotion. Obviously well versed-

  10. Breathe LeGendre says:

    some funny ish…

  11. cheferic says:

    Im 44 an ole school Hip Hop head and although Wu is one of my fav groups and think that this list is funny I also think hating on cats is whats wrong with the art of rhyming since it is the only form of music cats get popped over day after day year after year and that being said I think Drake is pretty dope, BOB, Lupe, and TI have skills but everyone makes weak albums and ive been hearing the ” soft mc” shit since LL made I Need Love

  12. mercifall uneeke says:

    Peace to the GOD yo this shit is tru n funny as hell n everybody on this list deserve every vivid disciption place on them n my imperial haha ha

  13. Danny Collins says:

    Damn surprised wale aint make the list..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lol…………Ghostface love that niggah,lol

  15. UN-wackness says:

    ayo that nigga TI’s flat bitch made. lookit the little dot on his shit….bitch asstiny dick (more like clit son) yall mother fuckas remember that mtv shit where he was all cryin n shit because he got caught? bitch ass…. peace to the gods…….

  16. BlakTron says:

    its hard to disagree with this list

  17. Anonymous says:

    yo does GFK really write these articles? Just curious

  18. Anonymous says:

    That shit about berg was too fucking funny.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Swizz Beatz isn’t really a rapper. It seems he’s stepped back into the producer role more. But considering he gets to stick it into Alicia Keyes every night, I don’t think he’s all that worried about it.

  20. Artem says:

    Yo BOB does deserve to be on the list but he does have some nice rhymes esp with his col with 9 and hopsin i was digging his flow in that

  21. bigdick says:

    Man why you didn’t have lil wayen. That ain’t gangsta he ain’t no blood and he be kissen dudes in the mouth real talk u kant get no softer

  22. Anonymous says:

    U real funny tho nigga nahmean made a nigga nearly died an shit from jis laughing at these ice cream niggaz nahmean!

  23. Anonymous says:

    yo plies is a soft as mothafucka too. jamie foxx dissed him. nuff said.

  24. Anonymous says:

    this helllla funny

  25. chris says:

    this is awesome — it’s more doubly awesome that it comes up for a search for mac miller.


  26. Markie D says:

    hahahahaha ghostface killah is getting jealous, lupe fiasco, mac miller and J. Cole are gaining steam while ghostface is just a part of history.

  27. PREE says:

    U forgot that lil BITCH ass nigga lil B…that nigga softer than a box of puppies Cuh…weeeeeeessss…

  28. wu tang says:

    Ghostface is in Wu tang.. as if bitch ass lupe fiasco wouldn’t get shot ? Doubt it

  29. Lmao says:

    You sound like a fucking hater nigga.. your 15 minutes of fame is over.. drake is outdoing you already, bitch

    • ct says:

      DRAKE outdoing GHOST?? Please, give 36 Chambers another listen, then listen to “headlines” or any of Drake’s lame-as-shit tracks. That should set you straight -_-“

    • Mcmensah says:

      loool u fucking idiot… if u dont know about ghostface or the wu… stick to abba.
      punk bitch!

    • BlakTron says:

      Personally I don’t think Drake is original as far as style. Its hard to tell him from Wayne sometimes. and his shit sounds whiney.
      Ghost is always sharp with the sword tho.

  30. Carlitos says:

    Wow….I’ve been laughing so hard my face hurts……wow lmaooooo

  31. anonymous says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    Yo i didn’t even know who mac miller was till i just googled him. Listen im white im 31 i grew up on real and everyone of these “rappers” deserve to be on this list. I see me and face share the same hate for aubrey . I read number 3 but no.2 if funny as shit! I can’t wait for no.4 !!!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow…couldn’t even read this! You should be at the top of your own Damn list for slaughtering the English language.

  34. Anonymous says:

    You know this is not really Ghost, right?

  35. JB says:

    Why is Lupe on this list. Lupe will kick the guy who wrote this article’s ass. Not only did his dad take him to the shooting range to teach him how to shoot ak 47s and it also a blackbelt in karate. Call him soft if you want to. I bet you wouldn’t fight him and if you did it would be the worst ass kicking of your life.

  36. BOB says:

    ya’ll retarded. this aint even ghost.

  37. Anonymous says:

    ya’ll retarded. this aint even ghost.

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  39. K says:

    I didn’t understand a single word of this.



    Ace Hood

    DJ Khaled (fair fuckin game as fa as Im concerned)

    Plies (o my fuckin goodness if a pop tart could walk..)

    Lil B (a field of dreams when it comes to jokes mane)

    Nick Cannon -____-

    You already got Big Sean right?? (get that nigga again)

    Trey Songz (he really conflicted)

    Get em Ghost! lmao

  41. africanamerican says:

    You really suck at writing. I tried to read it but gave up 2 sentences in. Read a book and quit perpetuating the ignorant black man stereotype. You suck hard.

    • Helen says:

      um, africanamerican? shut up. it’s called satire, genius. and it’s hilarious.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yo why do you even listen to Rap if you need it to be in the kings Good English. Your a fucn idiot go listen to blue grass or classical or opera so that you can get the correct punctuation.

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  43. Rey Loo says:

    Absolutely Hilarious! Ghost you are genius with this commentary…please take up Comedy.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Yo ghost wear you at nigga……. Ghost is where you at. quit hate n nigga and do something lazy ass ghost nigga

    • Anonymous says:

      Ghost has put out more albums than a most of these muh fukas combined. Besides who wants 2 be caught up in this rap game now, it fukn sux…

  45. aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! aahahahahahaha!!!

  46. Atlas says:


  47. Anonymous says:

    That’s the funniest shit I read in awhile, “brushes his teeth with his eyes closed” LOL!!!

  48. stoppretending says:

    You so busy tryin to be somethin and prove to the world that you are somethin…its noted in all your fakeass “nahmeans” at the end of every sentence…anyone who contributes to a new concept of the world, who actually tells stories, who tries to be a real fuckin person and not the cartoon characters like you that suburban white kids and youth from the hood watch on MTV Cribs and think that is hip hop. i def aint a fan of everyone on the list, but i aint got a problem with them making real music that reflects their experience rather than trying to give mufuckas like you a hard on imagining how fucking hard they must be…plus you got beasts like Lupe, J Cole and B.O.B. on the list you trippin hard…i wanna read a top 10 greatest actors in the game, you might take the Oscar for that one you weak minded ass meanmug when the cameras are facing you ass muthafucka LOL

    • James says:

      no mainstream artist are real hip-hop.
      and those so called experience’s never happened.
      and what most of these artist exist for, is to corrupt the minds of the youth.
      threw the satanic symbolism in there music videos, and the basic shit they say like drake in a song singing “i just wanna be successful” and in the song he was talking about money, cars & wemon…

      now for real hip-hop.. prince ea in a song said “success is psychological” witch i think sets a better example for the minds of our kids then what drakes view of success is.
      but the music industry would rather dumb down society insted of letting real artist get somewhere.

      and then theres nicki minaj calling herself a “bad bitch”

      well, lets take it back.. queen latifah from the song Unity she said “who you calling a bitch.”
      the whole song is about men calling wemon bitches and how men should have more respect for wemon.
      and i think that sets a better example for young girls then a bitch calling herself a bad bitch
      and you talkin bout cartoon characters when this bitch as she prefers a girl that calls aslo thinks of herself as a fuckin barbie.

    • Rey Loo says:

      It’s comedy folks…take it easy.

    • Helen says:

      stoppretending: stop crying. & shaddupayaface.

    • wu tang forever says:

      Son if anyone is trippin it’s you. Ghost is one of the greatest storytellers ever. period. and hes just venting on these cats cause hes frustrated. not only because they produce sub-par shit thats softer than a pillow but also because some of them have the skills and lyrics to attempt to make real hip hop. such as KRS, Big daddy kane, all of Wu tang (including ghost by the way) Big L….

      • Rap's bastard stepchild says:

        Ghost was part of a great group no doubt. But one of the greatest story tellers ever? Your tripping! Ain’t none of the Wu even in the top ten! You did however get the KRS-1 and BDK part right at least..

      • UReelornah says:

        Why yall sware yall really replying to the real GFK. Ths is comedy tho whoevr it is got jokes

  49. Nelz Monáe says:

    LOL I was crying while reading this.

  50. Jdilla says:

    You just hate good music.

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  52. Anonymous says:

    Ghostface Killah didn’t write it idiots… It was Big Ghostfase – it ain’t the same person.

  53. kim says:

    chris brown isnt a rapper though…. -_- FAIL

  54. Anonymous says:

    HILARIOUS!! Ghostface… you are so damn creative … how do you even think to say all these things?? OMG… too funny and too on point.

  55. Chusyfr, Lion Heart says:

    HA HA! GET”EM GHOST!!!!!=]

  56. Salem Hanna says:

    Im so glad ghost exposed this all these soft faggot ass rappers need to quit that bullshit it sounds like bitches to me thanks Ghost you keep it 100

  57. nodoz says:

    If you think ghostface is washed up you know nothin bout hip hop. Hes been true to the game too long to watch some corny ass niggas come through and try and the paint camo tie dye..

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  59. Jerome says:

    Haha, HA writers block has obviously got to this dumb nigga. Spends hour writing about r&b and white rappers. I can’t even believe you take time to listen to these albums, oh ya cause your fat lips are jelous they are making money off 16 year old girls. Go mop some floors you washed up, cocky gangster pile. Think we don’t walk the street everyday, who isn’t a crackhead

    • Drew says:

      get the fuck outta here…people like you are the reason why shit aint the way it use to be it aint about money its about the music…how you gon disrespect the wu…you a fagget go eat a dick

  60. John says:

    im so happy mac miller is on this. all my friends think hes the shit but this proves em wrong

  61. imperialshalom says:

    Can’t wait to hear part three….Laughed through the whole damn list

  62. chris says:

    Lupe Fiasco on Lasers-“One thing I try to stress about this project is, I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record — which is something I can’t separate — I hate this album. A lot of the songs that are on the album, I’m kinda neutral to. Not that I don’t like them, or that I hate them, it’s just I know the process that went behind it. I know the sneaky business deal that went down behind this song, or the artist or singer or songwriter who wrote this hook and didn’t want to give me this song in the first place. So when I have that kind of knowledge behind it, I’m just kind of neutral to it like, ‘Another day, another dollar’. As opposed something like The Cool, which is more of my own blood, sweat, and tears, and my own control. With this record, I’m little bit more neutral as to the love for the record.”

    “I don’t like the process behind Lasers. The music is dope but I just don’t like the process. We were literally at the point where all this music was done except for a couple songs that we did after the protest. So the bulk of the album was done. And we were talking about shelving the album and going to another label, that’s where we were like, ‘If you put the record out, put it out. Either move on to another album or can it and we’ll do other records at another label’. The business of it got solved. I’m happy for the fans, this is their album. This is the album that they fought for and that’s what made me do songs like ‘Words I Never Said’ and ‘All Black Everything’.”

  63. Based Tres says:

    Thank you Based Ghostface.

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