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50 Cent Wants Kanye West On New Album

Monday, 09 May 2011

We’ve already read a portion of 50′s interview with Vibe but here’s something that is only available in the Print edition. He has talked about his relationship with Jay-Z & Diddy, Detox and his new album.

With Your new album, Who do you have in mind for collaborations?
The usual suspects. I want to get with Kanye on this album. See if we can come up with something.

Who haven’t you worked with yet for this record
I didn’t work with Dre yet.

Would you hold up your project and wait for Dr Dre Production?
I wouldn’t hold my project up for it, but i want to get in to do it. it’s always a process. I also worked with Swizz Beatz on this one.

Are you going to be on Detox?
I’m not sure about that. Because i’m not sure what Detox is right now.


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