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Ryan Leslie Talks Rapping On ‘Les Is More’ & Supergroup With Fabolous & Ne-Yo

Monday, 11 April 2011
There were rumors about a supergroup with Ne-Yo and Fabolous. Is it still happening? Was it ever happening?

We have a great chemistry. I just did a week in the studio with Ne-Yo for his new album that’s coming out in September. While we were doing that, in the span of a week I did four records with Ne-Yo, I did a You Be Killin’ ‘Em remix with me, Ne-Yo and Fab and I also wrote and produced and recorded the “Joan of Arc” record. I decided the day I did it that I wanted to release it. As far as the supergroup, the chemistry is awesome in the studio between the three of us. I think that it’s all about timing. We all have our own careers and obligations and when we get a body of work that is representative of what all of us can bring to the table I am sure that we will have no problem between our audiences releasing it and getting feedback on whether they enjoy it.

Rapping isn’t totally something new for you, right?

If you look at “Diamond Girl” which was my first single officially, I had a 15-bar rap verse on it, my own feature. I featured myself. It’s something I’ve been doing. If you look at the Ryan Leslie album, “Baby You’re Fly” opens with a rap, “Diamond Girl” got a rap on it, I did an “I-R-I-N-A” remix with two eight-bar rap verses. On the second album, “Zodiac” got a 16 on it, “Something That I Like” featuring Pusha T got two 16s on it. More recently Christian Dior Denim Flow is me, Kanye, Pusha T, [Lloyd] Banks, Cudi all rapping… If I say I’m going to do a rap album, best believe I’m making sure I’m getting it co-signed. I play my records for Kanye West or I play my records for 50 Cent when I go to the G-Unit offices. Line-for-line they give me feedback and let me know that I can get a pass for what I’m talking about.



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