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Wiz Khalifa Responds To Ghostface Killah’s Roll Up Diss

Thursday, 03 March 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    tayday rhymes with gaygay

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wiz is garbage.

  3. tayday says:

    Yall funny as hell! Every rapped rap about the same shit! Only haters can say wiz soft cuz he rap about weed n women. U stupid muthafukas! It takes a lame ass from up north or a sucka that been somewhere else there whole life that wanna be from newyork to even say some of the shit yall do. Ghostface!!!!!!…….come on now! Roflmfao! Yea he need this lil publicity, cuz the few Dick riders he got not enough to put him back on the map!

  4. Jake says:

    Wiz never claimed to be a hood nigga..he reps Taylor gang..that’s as close to hood as he gets..if you wanna talk niggas that reppin hood but still pussy ass niggas look at lil Wayne..he got alot of bomb songs but he live his life just like wiz

  5. Anonymous says:

    fuck what anyone say wiz is good he does wut he does and makes cash doin it jelousy is what brings so much hate his way who gives a dam if his songs all talk bout smokin budd n bitches hey thats all most of us think bout here in my hood hey i give em mad respect he made it n well thats wut mosta us want right

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an imbecile. That’s not what we’re primarily thinking about in the hood. Shit gets real, and we have to find a way to survive the realness, or get left behind to the winds of history. Smoking bud and bitches is the last thing on a real niggas mind. Bunch of Sucka MC’s

    • Anonymous says:

      I wud like for you to stfu and stop crying with wiz in the corner about some jealousy bullshit.. not one single member from the wu-tang needs to be jealous of a fraudulent weed smoker who is scared to spit about knowledge like he’s scared to smoke blunts.. if wiz wasnt with amber rose and a dick rider of Too Short, he would never be acknowledged for his anti-immaculate weed and bitch references.. to make a long story short, his swag’s all fag sauce!!

  6. killa says:

    Kush & OJ
    best mixtape ever
    believe that shit

  7. b!rd thomas says:

    i get really confused about hip hop sometimes, cuz i feel like the previous generation (which i’m straddling at this point) wants for hip hop culture to be one dimensional, i don’t fux wit a lot of the new mainstream but isn’t it great that there are some new emcees that don’t perpetuate the rap stereotype, wu tang fa life but ghost is old enuff to be wiz’s father, y diss when mentoring is way more effective, the cracks in hip hop culture are no more evident than when u see the older generations publicly trynna humiliate the new generation, wut happened to encouragement and brotherhood…its admirable that these “soft” rappers can expand the depth of hip hop culture…i believe in money in black hands, there’s jus too little to hate when u see it

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a punk. Straight up. You were probably born in the 90’s and can’t fathom the wisdom of this Ghostface blog. This faggot “Wiz” kid isn’t Hip Hop. Hip Hop is Hip Hop and “Wiz” is some bafoonery. If you knew the Hip Hop culture, you’d be able to distinguish between the culture and crack babies making weed references, pretending to be rap artists. Do the knowledge.

      -Dennis from Virginia

  8. alsdkgj says:

    Ghostface probably doesn’t even know who over half of those artists are. Why would he? Why should he?

    • Anonymous says:

      Expand the depths of hip hop??? Wow, you’re an idiot. Nothing about Wiz Khalifa says “expansion.” Keep it real.

  9. alsdkgj says:

    wiz gonna get slapped for callin gfk corny.. how do people even know if this gfk blog is real? from my understanding, the thing is all a sham.. probably some webnerd ghostface fan havin a little bit of fun… wiz is the one who played himself.. oh man.

  10. Pickz says:

    again… You all are clowns….

  11. love198 says:

    yo u str8 baby thighs son, str8 glitter blooded

  12. Stop Hating says:

    I don’t understand why everyone hates. Ghostface is fucked up for putting Wiz on that list. Wiz showed mad respect to Ghostface and said he was an inspiration and that he listened to him when he was a kid. Then Ghostface turned around and said that about one of his FANS. He’d probably say that shit about any one of you who’s hopping on his dick to defend him too. Why do you all comment on here like your going to change the things people listen to? Like if you write your comment, the next day the radio will stop playing bitch ass music and start playing good old school shit and hip hop will be alive again. Why can’t you just post your opinion and stop blowing up the people that disagree with the guy you take dick from? The bottom line is everyone on Ghostface’s list sells considerably more albums than Ghostface does. Does it mean they are better? No. But they have bigger fan bases and if Ghostface wants to be as popular as he once was he better adapt or find a fucking time machine.

  13. Sam// says:

    I hate this dude. He went and fucked up “Damn It Feels Good to Be A Gangster” and that shit is unforgivable.

  14. mrfreshtodef says:

    this is a question of good music man. ghostface came up in the 90’s in the middle of some of the best rap music around so he know what music supposed to sound like. all wiz talks about is weed money and bitches. thats good for 1 albu but if you want a long hard ass career expand your horizons. and also your rhymes are pretty weak too

    • kimmiebk says:

      eh, even snoop at first only rhymed about banging, weed, money and bitches – but his flow, swag and beats made his first album a classic and he’s still dope today. Wiz’s shit is just lame. l

  15. boring says:

    Man, radio is layers of noise for a pretty boring sentence hey?

  16. seans says:

    I thought ghosts shit was mad funny at first, thought about it.. wiz aint never really saying he’s hard at all tho like he rap about weed money girls, hes not saying he gonna tombstone no one. he might not be Hard but hes Real with what hes rapping and id rather have some Real, Good music. Like honestly im not hard why am i gonna listen to shit i dont do or havent lived, thats worse thats fake. Ghost still mad funny tho lol

    • J says:

      wiz could be the worst rapper ever. its sad when all you can rap about is weed, and its even sadder when you suck at doing that. and ghost doesnt only talk about how hood he is/is 100 times more real than fuckin wiz. even if you cant relate to what ghostface is saying, you can still appreciate his ridiculously talented musical talent.

    • Huh says:

      Listen to Prince of the City 1. Its his first mixtape and he comes out sounding like some wannabe Dipset gangsta ass nigga. Oh and he tlaks constantly about smokin swishers, not paper planes. When i heard this shit i could not stop laughing at him compared to his new shit. Gangsta Wiz or Stoner Wiz, either way hes buns

  17. Art says:

    Should have responded with a song kid. Would’ve been much more interesting. Maybe if you stepped your game up you wouldn’t be on Ghost’s list…

  18. Stupid says:

    Soft? Ghost looks like he weighs 400 pounds easy. He looks like everytime he spit his whole body jiggles to the beat because he couldn’t be ne FATTER!. He needs to step on a treadmill, he’s as soft as those little debbies he shoves in his mouth. GhostFace this is not the 90’s go home, grab kleenex, then walk your big ass into traffice. Hope you get hit!

  19. D. says:

    we aint talking about selling records, we talking about soft ass rap homie.

    go rap on sesame street.

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