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Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game

Thursday, 03 March 2011

10. Kid Cudi

Ayo Cudi aka Kid Cuddli at the bottom of the list right here. Ayo no offense cos the god actually dont hate this nigga or nothin…but the nigga joints is softer than cotton panties son. It aint even like the nigga wack tho. He jus soft. The nigga do be evenin his shit out from time to time tho…so he get that coveted #10 spot for that shit namsayin. The nigga did serve a nigga in the crowd at his show wit the 1 piece combo so Imma give him that credit where its due n shit namsayin. Even tho that shit probably aint leave a mark on that nigga. That shit mussa took the nigga some heart at least nahmean.

9. Big Sean

Ayo n then we got this nigga Big Sean namsayin. Ayo once again it aint like the god feel like he need to smack this nigga or nothin but the nigga whole aura jus moist son. The nigga look like a victim n shit. This niggas more Sean than Big if yall hear what a nigga sayin here. Word to Puff son. Ayo the nigga be spittin ey now n then n he gotta a couple gems n shit but that super duper shit was played the fuck out 5 minutes after this nigga birthed it g. Ayo thanks for that shit nigga.

8. Mickey Factz

Ayo this nigga Mickey at the bottom half of the list too cos the nigga actually got a couple hard joints n shit (pause). But the nigga also got a lotta wack techno nigga joints n shit that the god be disapprovin namsayin. N also for the fact that the nigga was weepin in a corner while Rae n his niggas was runnin up on Joey Buddens when that shit popped off at Rock The Bells n shit. Ayo the nigga should be ashamed of hisself son. But he aint the worst or nothin like that.

7. Asher Roth

Ayo this snow nigga Asher gets points for stayin true to his own crackerjack self n shit. But he still a marshmallow ass muthafucka. Ayo its like this nigga made out of baby powder namsayin. This nigga is human baby powder in the flesh son. If you aint under the age of 22 n dont have no vagina you basically aint got no excuses to be listenin to this dudes music. Bumpin this niggas shit in the whip wit ya windows down is broad repellant my nig. Even if a broad might like this dudes music they still aint gon find that shit attractive fam. Broads also like nylons n thongs n shit but they aint wanna see niggas rockin those nahmean. This dudes music is like thongs son….you might appreciate that shit when a broad rockin em but you dont wanna put the shit on yaself b.

6. Charles Hamilton

Ayo this nigga played hisself tryin to battle niggas in they barber shops n for pretendin he was feelin Dillas ghost inside hisself n shit. The niggas takin mad fuckin Ls left right n center son but…ya know how they be sayin a picture speaks a thousand words n shit….

5. Wale

Ayo this nigga scared of females n probably cries when he fucks. Straight up.

4. Wiz Khalifa

Ayo 1…this nigga whole style is straight baby thighs son. Straight up. He might got some songs that yall might enjoy n shit but he a straight glitter blooded nigga wit a bullshit ass rhyme book when it come down to it nahmean. The nigga got yall fooled tho so I aint gon step on the nigga toes too much n shit but if you got male genitalia n shit n you listen to this nigga music you a vic nahmean. This nigga done flashed his wand on you. Or you mighta caught a contact off that fairy dust the niggas smokin.

3. Drake

Ayo what more you gon say bout this nigga?

2. Wheelchair Jimmy

The nigga makes lambs look dangerous.

1. Drake

Ayo thats right the 3 ply softness nigga took up all the top spots nahmean. I aint even got to tell you how the god be feelin bout this nigga. But I wish the nigga success n long as he stay out a nigga way he aint gon get thrown thru no brick walls or nothin like that. Hopefully the nigga stop droppin vagina bombs on niggas n start rappin like a dude tho nahmean.
Aight peace.

Via: Big Ghost, Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game


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  1. Cheeba Pot says:

    Beautiful. Love your work

  2. Cheeba Pot says:

    Great post.Thanks for your work. Do you have a website so i can subscribe?

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  11. NINE says:

    Dat dude Mickey was ILL……

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  13. Carlos Danger says:

    This isn’t even in english.

  14. fukkaraogodd says:

    lil b, young thug, and soulja boy

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  16. Your Cheating Lil Hot Cute Wifey Hoe Momma
    Say That I Am The Hardest Nigga On This Earth Yo.

  17. Weedsmoker says:

    Wu tang is straight dope! With out whe WU hip hip hop or any of these artists wouldn’t have a foundation. Tony Starks!

  18. mike says:

    Ghostface is a bitch and learn to speak and write proper English. Fucking society nowadays. Everyone on the list is making more money than this dumb cunt. Its funny how haters hate onpeople who are doing better than themselves.



  19. Austin Bleax says:

    Ey yoe you guys think you are so coool dōn’t you. All thare actin like you the shit over Drake. Who really fuckin cares who is born the way their body’s choose to be bigger or less bigger than the next person that ddoesn’tmake you hard or ssomething. you ddon’tget tthatchoice you dumb shallow fuckin retards. If you can make your mind big and strong and make money off dat then more power to ya. So all you haters of haters and all you original haters. Its y’all that’s givin them their money so y’all can suck there muther fucking dicks and pay em just for that same excuse to you retarted fucks damn stupid fuckin people don’tgot any fucking thing better to do with yo selves you fucking hypacrites.

  20. Milky says:

    Damn! Where do you go to school to write out some ignorant and nonsensical shit like this. “Namsayin. Ayo.” #ebonics

  21. brick city.chucky says:

    haha shit so funny but true draje a.drag queen homo dick eating vagina.faggot

  22. Bryant says:

    Ghost crazy…..i got a few laughs and shit

  23. netko says:

    i hope everybody realises ghost did not write this. he’s on the g.o.o.d. music compilation, he wouldn’t diss big sean like that, plus he made ghostini, which was a straight rnb album, and waaay softer then anything most of these astists put out. And I’m sure he’s more literate than that, the guy is a poet for fucks sake,… not that i don’t agree, though. it justs shows ghostface in a bad light. i’m sure he doesn’t sit at home wasting time on trying to embarrass insignificant artists on some insignificant internet site. he’s a grown ass man, he has a bigger fish to fry…

  24. Hass says:

    Wiz Khalifa is the best rapper that i like too much. He is very handsome man

  25. MatureSun says:

    If Ghost really writes this stuff that shit is genius and if Ghost doesn’t really write this stuff….that shit is genius!!!

  26. truman says:

    why god, has no one notice that number 7 is Ellen DeGeneres…

    • Elizabeth Love says:

      i did and i thought it was fucking hilarious. I laughed so hard for like ten minutes like just WTF………… WTF!!! hahaha :’) It’s my favourite thing about this to be honest. 😉

  27. nigga says:

    nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga

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  29. quintin C. says:

    i dont give the first fuck about how much money they make that doesnt make them good, and for all yall dickridin ass niggas stop sayin “quit hatin on niggas thats gettin money” its like ur not gittin any money so why u stickin up for him we need niggas that can actually rap not just random people with no skills like the rappers out now, comee on america grow some balls and say what you wanna say, cuz i know yall wanna say ” i hate all these fake ass rappers ” without bein called a hater wats wrong with hatin anyway if a nigga trash then say it like this “the nigga type wack b, git him the fuck outta here”

  30. AyYoYou says:

    You might call Drake soft but I bet money his ass still throw hands with any of yall niggas if he needed to. Just because you don’t go out swinging on every nigga that come at you reckless doesn’t mean you ain’t capable

    • tdizzle19 says:

      Drake is a bitch ass. You just don’t know real rappers so he think he’s tough. Real rappers dont dance on stage like little girls and wear abricrombie and Fitch lookin shirts. There from the ghetto most of them not nickolodean.

  31. Anonymous says:

    ayo GFK …first off peace 2 DA god….ayo ….you are absolutely correct n ayo this shit had me laughintearyeyez…word …da god WAS CRACKIN DA FUCC UP ..

  32. Muhamet Mo Coca says:

    I think I can be that good @ rappin about women & cash. Please get CLK to contact me through my email. We met numerous times.

  33. Anonymous says:

    can’t tell if thats asher roth or ellen degeneres…

  34. Anonymous says:

    fuck these mainstream bitches!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    this shit is hiarious and true

  36. BigPapi says:

    1. This isn’t the real Ghostface Killah. This is Big Ghost from
    2. He’s pretty spot on with some of these guys. Drake is the softest in the game right now. He talks about girls with no makeup on, he talks about going through girls purses, he talks about everything women talk about when they are out for coffee with other women. Drake is the softest.
    3. Drake is the softest. In an interview, he said he was going to beat the shit out of the tattoo artist that tatted “Drake” on that broads head…but instead, he sent his bodyguard in to do it for him while he waited in his car…talk about soft.
    4. Yeah, he could have added Wayne, and Tyga and all those guys to the list, but this is a Top 10…and while Wayne is soft, he’s been to jail and was spittin fire for a minute, so he’s probably top 20…not 10.
    5. When Ghost says “soft,” hes talking about dudes who are bitches. This includes dudes who are fake as hell (Drake, Big Sean), dudes who act hard but aren’t (Drake, Wiz, Cudi), dudes who talk about women shit (Drake, Wiz), etc.

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  38. AC says:

    Drake got the top 3 huh? Not fucking real talk..

  39. AC says:

    Drake got the top 3 huh? Not fucking real talk.

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  41. Anonymous says:

    Sooo because these rappers don’t talk about shooting people, living on the streets, “fucking bitches”, etc, they’re soft? sorry im not understanding what really defines “Real Rap”. Most rappers these days can’t freestyle. so in my opinion, “real rap” is someone who raps real shit and can freestyle. so what if these rappers are soft. What makes them soft tho? just saying.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nigga you talkong bout the softest rappers when yur son is the gayest and softest nigga out theree

  43. GhostGotAGaySon says:

    What bout ya son god? Heard this nigga singin Beyonce n shit. Check ya balls Ghost…you pumpin’ out sperm wit a lisp. Ya offspring softer than baby nuts wrapped in cotton balls. Fuck outcher.

  44. DR. FUHROR says:

    Yep….I was a valet at Four Seasons Hotel Midtown…..all these popcicle niggas is faggots…..I seen all these wining baby gum stomach full of cum ashen faggots…..glossy lip bitch witches…….

  45. Anonymous says:

    didn’t you forget LIL waYNE

  46. Anonymous says:

    U ar a daMn ßig fOOl!! Dude.. U aint. A true nigga ayo f**k u..

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  48. Elisha Grant says:

    i love this picture :)

  49. none of ur damn business says:

    Bitch drake at soft he can. Blow bitch ima kill u for puttin that shit up there u bitch ass nigga drake better then u now go jump in a bath fool of bleach bitch ass nigga

  50. Shock G says:

    The only rapper in this article I’ve ever even heard of is Ghostface…

  51. Eli says:

    who the fuck wrote this article?Tryn wayy top hard

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  53. WhiteWashNStillLMFAO says:

    ya n wayne def needa be up here… young money ? more like young dummy

    • Anonymous says:

      I thank young money should be up there to. I respect wayne in the music game. If any record labels see this. I think I got what it take to be sign. Get at Remo.

  54. WhiteWashNStillLMFAO says:

    Dude PLEASE put out a version of Whack Rappers by afroman …. it needs to be done SOOO BAD …. todays rappers are FoReal whack.

  55. pat505 says:

    dis nigga a trip,u gon put fkin wale and drake but u aint gon put lil wayne and the rest of their buttfuck company? and ur right their soft but their lyrics go harder then a mofo. wiz and big sean i can understand

  56. pat505 says:

    dis nigga a trip,u gon put fkin waler and drake but u aint gon put lil wayne and the rest of their buttfuck company? and ur right their soft but their lyrics go harder then a mofo. wiz and big sean i can understand

  57. selena says:

    were is lil wayne

  58. Dub says:

    I loved Ghostface back in the day… but the funniest part of this whole article is that every person he mentioned makes more money than him…. lmao

    Funny hate is still hate. STFU and go make us some tracks.

    • heartherevolution? says:

      Justin Bieber makes more money also but his music is still straight up dick, same goes for these guys mentioned above.

  59. Big J says:

    fool, you should get your teeth slapped down your throat for sayin ghostface should be on this list, he’s one of the hardest members in WU you fuckin idiot.

    • Mario says:

      Get off this N U T S and wipe your ASS. You jackoff. How many people DICKS you ride. Stupid CHIMP.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bitch, you didn’t say shit. Stringing random insults without a goal, smh. And your didn’t even say the words you meant to, cunt. Big J is right, and you’re a lil bitch trying to be tough on the internet.

  60. Artem says:

    Yo ghostface isnt even rapping anymore as much but hes still bringing in the heat hahahaha i love this shit cause hes trying to keep the passion going in hiphop and eliminating this pophop

  61. Mario says:

    Ghostface needs to be on the list too. Listening to you rhyme
    is like hearing. A story that goes no where you cramp a bunch of useless words in a verse. That sounds like trash. A lot of northern rapppers sound that way. You go on and on with words with NO MEAT just beans . I will give you this you sure can fart out a lot of words. To fill your lowgrade verse.

    • Patrick Morales says:

      If that’s the way you feel about ghost and so called “northern rappers” you might as well not listen to hip hop. you should try and open your mind and listen a little harder. Not all writing is literal and your buggin’ trying to fuck with Ghost. Ghost, yo he birthed all these motherfuckers. Also how are you gonna be talking Northern Rappers. you mean New York Rappers what are you fucking retarded. come on dude get it together your killing me. LISTEN….. not everything’s so obvious in dope music.

  62. Mario says:

    I agree to all of it but still like Drake. The rest that are on the list I turn the radio when I hear there vocie. Them guy have the softest and bootyest rhymes ever people are being hit in the head by the wackness. I’m still like Drake tho. Whiz should have be number one. A lot of wack things are on 106 n park

  63. White Boy Drew says:

    I am not hating. Nor am I defending the “soft” rappers. However, I wonder… Do you truly believe that you must be “gansta” to be a legitimate rap artist? If so, then you must wonder “am I then a legitimate rap artist, or am I in fact just a gangsta?” If you are an artist, then you shouldn’t have to insult other rappers, no matter how soft, because your lyrics will be so hard that they will “speak” for themselves. In conclusion, don’t be hatin. Also, fuck you Drake.

    • killa_ave says:

      What up B, I got to add my 2 sense to your comment son. For 1. You lack the knowledge of Hip Hop/Rap and its origin B you should definately research the history from which it was built from the ground up by them old school artist. 2. Hip Hop/Rap is about skills and aggression something these new artist lack. See the industry turned Hip Hop/Rap into Pop music basically and that why I feel some of that dude posing to be Ghostface Killah point of views. 3. Part of Hip Hip/Rap is based on criticsm, my favorite slogan is “If you can’t take the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen”. Wiz Khalifah got mad and started bitching about what the poser said, last time I checked is that we all have freedom of speech and I thought we were all entitled to it. The game isn’t the same anymore and its wack. Insulting another rapper is one of the elements that built Hip Hop/Rap so if you ask me all these rappers are soft now because they get all emotional and spew their non-sense saying “They hatin” or “they just mad and broke” nah nigga learn how to take criticsm b. Pull your skirt up and stop flashing your virgina son ( Im talking about Drake and Wiz on that comment). For real tho son research the origins of Hip Hop and Rap.

      • killa_ave says:

        I meat to say put your skirt down and stop flashing your virgina. My bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        for real the game is sooo fake and wack I cant even have a proper hiphop conversation with anyone anymore! its all pop rap and its really killing hip hop….SMH

  64. whiteboypaleface says:

    im tougher then drake, aster and wale
    yea crush any these bastards in my way
    weed smokin rappers i smoke weed too
    but ya aint moving units we dont believe you
    aster loves college studying and taking test
    me im with your girl we bout to make a mess
    she got the fakest breast so when you have a chance
    watch me shot this load down her tits like an avalance
    been a rider i survived like lance
    no cancer but a bunch of yall on my balls
    waiting to fall but i aint waitin for yall

    bam wam thank you maam thats how u stay off the top ten bitches

    whiteboypaleface over and out motherfucker

  65. killa_ave says:

    Lol Yo for real son, Ghost definately said it right. These young niggas in the game now is definately soft. The only thing about these cats now a days is they have ill ass beats, ill beats with watered down metaphors and similies all over the track. Give those beats to a real emcee like Ghost, D-Block, Ransom, and them and they are garanteed to come out with a hit record. All these rappers out now don’t talk about nothing worth listening to, I can’t even understand why they are signed. I guess because these modern day fans love listening to bullshit.

    He definately should have added lil’ wayne, and some of these other softies to the catagory.

  66. Anonymous says:

    where is lil wayne ang jay z

  67. snowman says:

    What is a vic ?

  68. Mcmensah says:

    Realest of talks man. Ghostface smashed it, wiz and drake are waaaaay too soft!
    and for all you punks who have no idea about Ghostface or the Wu?!… Stick to pop,or drake, or wiz…. Bitch ass, faggot ass, pussy ass, bitch ass NYUGGAS!

  69. Shaun diz motha fucka says:

    That drake shit is funny.

    Cant look at that fool in a video because all i see is jimmi

  70. Anonymous says:

    This joint has some wrong ppl on this. More of Young money need to be on it instead of Kid, Asher, and wale. They can go hard if they gotta go hard. The other ones cant cause they just talk about smoking and fucking. I know kid does that too -.- but his lyrics are better then the others .

  71. $TxMade$ says:

    damm this dude is right this are the wackest rappers in the game right now
    Keep it 100% now this niggas softer than downy bro

  72. WhiteMagic says:

    I think I just died a little inside…Why do people talk like this? It is not cool, especially since this guy is probably meaning to type like this to get people’s attention.

  73. RickyAgnew says:

    oh well,a nigger is a nigger anyway you look at “it”—that said…bwa’hahahahahaha…u lameass negroids

  74. Anonymous says:

    If you a dude liking on Drake and Khalifa, you must be the bitch in your homosexual relationship!

  75. Sekt Rock says:

    Yall talkin some shit about GhostFace. hahahaha. dont hate on em cus you short minded mothafuckas never listened to the real Hip Hop. The Underground! pretty Sure all you fuckers runnin your mouth are not beyond the age of 20. If Ghostface says they wack, then they Wack!! You mothafuckas followin the trends of these fuckin “rappers” you all look fuckin ridiculous. Lookin Like a bunch of Fake ass skinny jean wearin, xsmallshirt Emos with your bright ass clothes and shit. on the real. All these fools act like fuckin kids. these fools aint Gangsta!!!

  76. Anonymous says:

    stupidest thing on the internet i’ve seen thus far.

  77. Anonymous says:

    ghostface would fuck up all these dudes, especially drake

  78. yo mom says:

    this is the truth regardless of what kind of rapper he is or how good he is or not… if you cant see that you got a washed mind

  79. Anonymous says:

    Ghost killa is a fucking bum. These rappers smack your bitchass. Especially Drake. Bitch

  80. Anonymous says:

    ghost face – worst rapper of all time – seen his show last night – dumb nigger cant even beat match, no flow, high as shit and his whole gay ass entourage was full of mumbling niggers – they were late and couldnt even do there own songs because everyone knows they suck on there own – ghost is the worst of wu-tang and would be nothin but a crack smokin nigga without them – hence he could only cover part of the old wu songs

  81. Anonymous says:

    hahaha garante hillman salted his whole playlist is soft.

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  83. Garante Hillman says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    Why are people hating on the way ghost is talking. That’s how he speaks, what the fuck is a comment from your ass going to prove.

    Anyway this is that truth right here, TONY STARKS

  85. ellie says:

    ghostface for president. you dont deserve to read the article if you can’t read the text and literally hear him speaking truth. IF YOU KNOW WHO DRAKE AND KHALIFA ARE AND NOT GHOSTFACE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND JUMP OFF A CLIFF.

    • Garante Hillman says:


      • Matt Howell says:

        wow you are dumb just to let you know. there a hell of a lot of people who know who ghost is. in fact if you don’t know who he is then you don’t know shit about hip hop. real talk

  86. Anonymous says:

    GHOST 4 PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Hulkhoganlogan says:

    This shit is funny as fuck, and honestly true. I think lil Wayne should’ve been on it though!

  88. Anonymous says:

    Dude this kid can’t even fuckin’ write simple sentences. Asshole, it’s called an education, might wanna pay attention next time somebody tries to tell you how to talk like a human being.

    • killa_ave says:

      Just because he speak or talk a certain way doesn’t mean he’s dumb. Dude probably smarter than your dumbass. And theres alot of you proper and wannabe proper speaking english mother fuckers out there is mentally challenged and need to go back to grade school. If you don’t understand street slangs then take your wack ass two sense back to Yale University somewhere, where you can understand some of them other dick heads you can communicate with.

      Ghost 4 President! Peace God.

  89. Anonymous says:

    what a bunch of ghetto talk bullshit wtf i feel like ive been mindfucked by this illterate crap lmao wow just wow

  90. Anonymous says:

    What happened to m&m he should be one of the top 3 on this list just cause of his name…

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  92. ChipChomiak says:

    Yo the Gawd right. Ghostdeni speak the truth. Peace Gawd.

  93. Anonymous says:

    gucci mane is the best

  94. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t really understand a thing being said here!

  95. OMEGA says:

    Fuck this rappers and fuck you to you don’t know eminem motherfuckers

  96. Anonymous says:


  97. Anonymous says:


  98. StonedinNY says:

    Ahhhhaha, word. gata agree wit every one of them wack ass niggas on this list, they all soft serve.
    especially Drake, straight up homo viral bullshit rapper, only reason niggas like him is cause of his overrated shit raps wit lil wayne.
    good call on dis list.

  99. Continental B says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    wiz khalifs is nigger that tinks he can rap because he is black

  101. Anonymous says:


  102. Anonymous says:

    >mfw people are taking this seriously

  103. KANNABULL : ) says:

    You mortals are amusing with your menial judgements and non chalant idioms. Dare I refuse such rebuttal? For if you were to ever cross into my territories I would rape your sisters whilst spiked with a spear sporting the heads of your mothers while your fathers watched. Then I would have a cake…a celebration cake that would contain enough narcotics to kill you and your whole crew. Ghost is true in wisdom…these dudes are fabric soft.

    • Uhmm... says:

      What the fuck are you even saying? I appreciate your employment of “big” words to try and convey… what I don’t know. But you should also try to utilize syntax and logic. Dumbass.

      And “GhostFace Killah” (I can’t even say his name with an ounce of seriousness) is fucking terrible.

      • KANNABULL says:

        Poople be so ready to fight anymore that humor is lost when even attempted. Sarcasm and irony. The entire list was designed by a troll to promote hatred of rappers they don’t like. Keyboard warriors of 2011. LMAO.

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  105. Jason says:

    Ghosface is OG. Real Talk, he right these niggas soft and shit. Generational shit doe, young niggas soft these days. 80’s babies probly feel the kid, all yall young niggas can go put on some tight jeans and shit fo real listen 2 da elders.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude fuck you wu tang a nd ghost and all og created rap he can talk shit wiz cant even freestyle he has to read it off an iphone so fuck you with all respect i would not have said this but you dissed ghost you just cant do that that like saying big l or big or lord finesse or percee p sucked learn real rap

  106. Nigga says:

    st8up u be hatin on some intellectual niggas. these mothafuckas are the same foolz tha tak the hood into a prosperous persepctive- i aint like em ignorant niggas- i appreciate class. st8up no bullshit wiz/cud/drake at TIMES speak on some REAL sheet.

  107. Truth says:

    You people are slightly slow lol this is not the real Ghostface Killah, its a parody site that does reviews and shit. It’s a funny ass site, but man stop arguing over this, it’s meant to be funny.

  108. Anonymous says:

    ghostface wack… please. my favorite LYRICIST of all time.. all these dudes on this list are sorry AF .. GFK and wu tang need to rap battle some of these fake ass emcees and expose them.. ghost do a BETcypher next yr so u can show them ur still on top

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  110. Anonymous says:

    real talk

  111. Anonymous says:

    Real talk Save Me Dear is some of the softest shit I heard in a minute doh

  112. Anonymous says:

    I think I became stupider just reading this…… Ignorant people annoy me.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Damn, can this dude start a sentence without ayo? I’m sure he’s as hard as a brick wrapped in steel, but he sounds about as dumb too. I can understand talking like that cuz you’re in the moment, but you seriously have to concentrate to write that stupid.

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  115. Anonymous says:

    fuk yall sof ass music fairys nigga like me gonna slap all 7 of these faggots – graffiti filthy, TRALE

  116. Anonymous says:

    Who the fuck is saying GFK is wack? seriously… You know nothing about rap if you say that.

  117. Anonymous says:

    For those of you saying Ghostface Killah is wack kill that noise GFK Is apart of one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time
    The Wu Tang Clan if it wasn’t for them these lame ass niggas singin on tracks and shit wouldn’t have a leg to stand on shit maybe ja rule should too restart his career since singing and be a pussy nigga is cool now

    • Uhmm... says:

      was* shit is over, move on and evolve with the time its not just cop killing and “thug” gangstas anymore.

      • MidwestNiggra says:

        This statement shows how fucking stupid you are. WTF is a thug gangsta? shut your fucking face. jesus christ. you pussy ass vagina drip ass niggas are the reason hip hop is in critical condition. evolve into what? that gay ass dubstep shit all you faggots listen to? Go fuck yourself pussy. Ghostface been killing the mic since before you were even born probably. This is about real hip hop muhfucka. fuck you.

  118. Anonymous says:

    The only person to stand up and do anything is white girl Ellen. All these ” hard” niggas?? Haha the only thing hard is drakes dick when he met lady gagmore.

  119. Anonymous says:

    This is clearly fake, but still amazing

  120. Anonymous says:

    ghostface nigga u wack as fuk u just mad these niggas gettin money stop hatin drop some tracks namean

  121. Anonymous says:

    do niggers speak english ? u can tell that a nigger from the hood that wrote this.

  122. joey mondeca says:

    this shit is drop dead funny!!!

  123. Anonymous says:

    Haha soft rappers… kinda funny because no of you can make a “rap song” for shit. Get off their dicks and start complaining when you do.

  124. Anonymous says:

    You sound like an idiot.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Man Fuck Wale, Fuck Wiz Khalifa, Fuck Little wheel chair Jimmy, Sean Price, and all these wack ass dudes on this list and fuck you too if you dont like it because Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t nothing to Fuck with all over the Whole fucking Globe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wu-Tang Slang chopping the heads boy it aint safe no more!!!!! PEACE

  126. Dinkididude says:

    hahahaha, agreed %100, though with the state of hiphop today you could have made a top 500…….I blame f*****g Akon and David Guetta

  127. Anonymous says:

    yo chris from the bottom, whats up my nigga? you remember who i am? im that guy you met the other day and we started a little convo so we took it back to your place and it got hot n heavy up in there, nahmean? anyways hit me up nigga you left all your lube in my bathroom.

  128. Anonymous says:

    yo niggas check this bitch out, this list right here is true, namsaying. Ya dig my nigga? this list is so damn true dog for realz this shit is the illest list i’ve seen yet.

  129. Anonymous says:

    real funny thing about people taking this too serious.. haa but even funnier, is the guy that said it’s not real rap unless you’ve at least done a song with D-Block….. don’t worry dude.. “It’s Good” Drake, Wayne and… Jada.. lol boom..

  130. Anonymous says:

    lmao this shit was, funny in a dumb way, I feel like I got dumber, did a white dude do this? any who, sounds like a hater.. can’t be honest cuz you get shot at for it tho lol.. apparently..

  131. Anonymous says:

    This was Hilarious.

  132. chaz says:

    yo this shit bangs check out the link

  133. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, all of you getting offended after reading this are too goddamn sensitive. I listen to kid cudi, but this list is just too fucking funny. Try to have a sense of humour about it, not start crying like a little bitch when you see someone on here that you listen to. He’s not saying that these guys have no talent, just that their flow and content aren’t what real rap should be.

  134. Anonymous says:

    im with it man all these rappers fuckin suck, hard or not.

  135. Adam says:

    I’d agree, but you said Wale, so that’s bullshit.

  136. T says:

    I really hope this isn’t him saying all of this because this is really ignorant……everyone shouldn’t be and is not a gangster and hip-hop shouldn’t be about that because if it was we wouldn’t have had people like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

  137. dj says:

    this is not ghostface you idiots *facepalm*

  138. shit says:

    it’s true, but wu tang can’t sell shit and they are avoiding their child support i bet, no lies, look at nas lol

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  140. CK8s says:

    Not sure if this is Ghostdini or not but the dude is hilarious…

  141. F Gosht Face says:

    Dude………………. STFU…………. you suck and no 1 cares if your hard …. no one cares what you say…… washed up!!! and wheel chair jimmy would prob beat your ass

  142. Anonymous says:

    Wow…..lmmfaoooooooo….this the funniest sh*t I’ve seen in a long time…..but right and exact though….peace&

  143. Anonymous says:

    Realest shit I ever read.

  144. Rob Darich says:

    its the gawd gawd !

    this $hyt is crazy…

    follow us on twitter @0shyt

  145. MissWaden says:

    I haven’t cried so much since the last funeral i went to. Thanks man that’s the funniest shit I ever read in my life. Please please get your own show. Like a live Bevis & Butthead starrin the one & only GHOSTFACEEEEEEEE ….. ! Bless.

  146. Anonymous says:

    learn how to spell before u talk shit bout other ppls vocabulary… gfk got it right tho these niggas embarrass the game wit they skinny jeans and singin and shit….. if u aint dblock or at least been on a hard track wit them like ghostface u soft as puppyshit and need to link up wit beiber or somethin

  147. Anonymous says:

    Please use correct grammer/english. You are an embarrassment. I could not understand what you were saying. “HARD” rap is hopefully diminishing. Drake is one of the best entainer’s in the business. I would prefer to listen to him anyday.

    • Alexander U Ostrow says:

      entainer? Don’t forget to proofread.

    • Anonymous says:

      Drake likes balls on his ass

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously? You’re criticizing someone else’s grammar, when you don’t even know how to spell “grammar”? Also, it’s entertainers, not “entainer’s”, and there should be no apostrophe there. Furthermore, you’ve probably never even heard any real rap, so don’t talk about it. Drake is shit compared to real rappers like ghostface, nas, big L, etc. Go listen to your shitty pop and hip-pop and gtfo.

  148. Sol-Ark Ohm says:

    Greatest list of all time. Wu-Tang are masters of the art and science of hip-hop. These new guys are just selling their swag.

  149. bayKhanh says:

    yall nigs just choosers talk bout this talk bout that fukin shiet its music ghostface killah is hard wu tang is hard i listen to those other rappers too they rappers not hip hop and shiet how the fuk you know ghost face killah wrote that shiet son if you fuking really know ghost then you know. I aint saying shiet like i know him but i know for a fact a grown man wont write shiet about other niggahs he dont know this shiet rite here niggah this shiet rite here it aint ghost writing naw mean niggah so yall faggets and homos here talking that shiet SHUT THE FUK UP and act your fukin age naw mean son. WU TANG CLAN AINT NUTTIN TO MESS WITH NIGGAH

  150. Anonymous says:

    fuck these clown ass ni##azz. left kanye off but whatever. anyone that has a problem with what he is saying should listen to IRONMAN and step the FUCK BACK!!!

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  152. dl nigga says:

    nigga you dun fucked up ya list nahmean drake be on that bitch twice not sayin a aint bitch made or nothin just let another soft nigga get his props

  153. Carm says:

    This is not true Wale raw as hell nd he speaks truth. He is one of the only rappers out now w/ a brain. He sheds light on all sides of a story nd he gets called weak for that. Whatever. Wale still that nigga nd Ghostface Killa is still a non factor. Why dont you get off these dudes tip nd come out w/ sum music #CLOWN

  154. quay says:

    i seen the shit he said bout my nigga cole….i see it like this as long as a grown ass man / rapper [whom neva had a decent ass #1 hit like the rappers he doggin] get on a BLOG! nd got some shit tu say yu a soft as nigga nahmean! yo shit sum cut tht nobody in mhy city wud eva listen tu my nigga! yu might get popped for the shit u be spittin..but anytime somebody tryna get sum positive shit out there niggas gotta dog them thru internet shit tho…yu got a problem wit these niggas let THEM kno and stop bloggin on tht pussy shit like yu go hard…

  155. yo everyone on this list is gay and sucks REAL HIP HOP IS 9 elements IM from the south bronx you cant tell me drake or wiz kalifa or none of them wack ass niggas come even close to real emcees like Ghostface ..are you serious ??? Im a Bboy..Emcee and Graffiti Artist trust me My Opinion on Hip Hop is more valued than a lil wayne brainwashed fan of bullshit ….you want to see real hip hop listen to wu tang…KRS one…Eminem…Nas..Rakim..LL Cool J…Lords of the underground….Beatnuts..Immortal technique…Big Pun…anything but anyone on this list

    and if you ghostface or anyone wanna hear my music which is better than these niggas bullshit just message me at nelenium at yahoo dot com

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  157. Anonymous says:

    i feel soooooo much fucking dumber having read that. did this tard even finish elementary school?? are you fucking serious??? i iq dropped like 40 pts.

  158. let's be real says:

    dude you are nearly illiterate

  159. Anonymous says:

    this scumbag needs to go to school for once in his life and learn how to spell/talk. people like this are ruining this country one person at a time. fucking faggot.

  160. Pingback: The Official GC's dead hours thread. - Page 3164 - Forums

  161. Anonymous says:

    I was very offended by this blog posting. These are very talented young negroes, and I think Mr. Killer (scary much??) is doing his community a grave disservice by dishing them.

  162. Anonymous says:

    that literally hurt to read, I know people talk like that, but to type like it sweet zombie jesus

  163. PMvstheWorld says:

    I found this randomly online
    Too Funny
    Favorite shot: “Ayo its like this nigga made out of baby powder namsayin. This nigga is human baby powder in the flesh son.”

  164. Naimless24 says:

    Straight up, Ghost nailed ’em on that. I don’t know about Drake being the top 3… There are plenty of other wack rappers. Its funny though. And Wiz, some of these other losers I can’t even remember them – that just demonstrates how wack they truly are.

  165. MoAsses says:

    AYO! This is the greatest post EVER!!! Dis shit just made my fuckin day and I agree 100%! Good look.

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  167. Nero says:

    People on here are idiots. The quality and allure of any type of music genre or subgenre is subject to the beholders’ taste. So let’s end the argument once and for all: you can’t prove Drake is better than Ghostface just like you can’t prove Ghostface is better than Drake. To try to do so is futile and red herring. They’re both different rappers, each with their own unique musical talents, with their own fan bases, and their own appeal.

    That being said, I personally enjoy Drake’s music more. Get paid.

  168. my niggah you aint evein the raido free concerts for mis fits and pot heads get the fuck outta here
    speaking fart bars

  169. Anonymous says:

    Man this has got to be the funniest shit I’ve read all year, but it’s so true. Dude you can’t say nothing about Ghostface. The dude is a living legend. If you ask me he’s the force the keeps Wu-Tang relevant. Yo the other funny part about this shit is I know Asher, but this shit still had me rollin’ Ghost Your crazy as hell for this one……

  170. fearless says:

    its funny that real niggaz in everyhood say the same thingz about the same niggaz.go against the grain and pretty soon som ebody gon smack a bloodvessel out ya eye. im glad G F K took the time to enlighten da com puter world. da GOD was on point like always. about all deez seed catchaz. if ya heart fuzzy dont be outside win we outside!!!!!

  171. Anonymous says:

    This nigga dresses with a bath robe with a golden eagle on his arm and shower slippers, that doesn’t make you hard that makes you look like a homeless dude that just won the lottery. If you think ghostface is a credible artist you probably only listen to that underground hipster music, these Wu niggas is the most bitch Michael in the game. Joe budden says why is methodman rated higher than me on vibes beat rapper poll, and niggas want to fight. Instead of proving why they deserved to be ranked that high and actually rap. Rae and some football player who never made it to the NFL confronted this nigga and attacked him in during a conversation when he wawasnt being hostile at all. Them niggas was bitches when Pac was alive them niggas got they ass beat a site’s club and Pac helped them niggas get their jewlery back.”niggas ran off with your pack, you went to other thugs to get it back that ain’t gangsta” -50 cent. I think the nigga just hating cause half the artists on this list are better lyricists than him technically and performance wise. I seen Wu tang live. It’s like odd future with no energy.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Ghost is a legendary. Fuck the bullshit. Study up. Longevity teamed with dynamic connectivity and charisma that inspires and captivates the gifted. Wu-Tang Bitches.

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  175. Anonymous says:

    why on EARTH is ghostface killah referring to himself as god?

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  177. Jacob says:

    i listen to ghostface and the majority of rappers on this list and i know all of you hating on them and sucking ghostface’s nuts listen to them too………………

  178. This is hilarious, but this can’t be real…

  179. Anonymous says:


  180. E-MAN says:

    i actually disgree with this list a lot. ghostface is an older member of the rap community and taking shots at the upcoming rappers shows a sign of immaturity. when’s the last time you say nas or even another member of the wu-tang taking such cheap shots. drake and wiz are pussy niggas, i can respect that, but cudi, wale, sean, hamilton, asher, and even mickey factz bring more lyrical dexterity to the game. this list in my opinion just shows age doesnt bring maturity

    • Anonymous says:

      Man, shut up!!! He wasn’t dissin he was being truthful. They can rap but they on they own thang. If you like it, then listen to it while taking a bubble bath!!!!

  181. Jdilla says:

    You’re probably a pussy yourself.
    Wale is better than that bubble gum rap shit like the new boyz.

  182. Anonymous says:

    i fucks with face.i dont care when his last anything was.some of these guys do make good music,but they soft while doing it lol

  183. PRIME says:

    I think those who are offended is the one’s listening to these dudes, those who aren’t knows what’s good music and what’s not. See today the radio and televison has so many people fooled, because most people today feel that just because the media plays this type of shit allday that it’s hot good music. WRONG!!! I guarantee that if the game was like it was back in the day when they let the people choose, then most of these rappers on this list wouldn’t exist anyway. Drake isn’t doing nothing new by singing and rapping. Maspike Miles been doing that since he was like 10yrs old(check his resume), max b did it before drake but didn’t have lil wayne co-signing him, and many other mc’s too. Ghostface is a very intelligent brotha regardless how he speaks, the Wu is a legendary imprint built by very intelligent brotha’s so you heads that have a problem with Ghost comments please do your homework. A guy @ Ghost level can say anything he wants about the new rap generation, no different from a parent checking some disrepectful kids. Eleders have a right to speak their minds because they been working hard,own shit, and have real life priorities in order. All these rappers on this list wish they could be around 15yrs from now, and i’m sure Ghost is very well off finacially so this isn’t hating it’s the TRUTH!!!! Like they say, the TRUTH HURTS LOL

  184. Anonymous says:

    yo Ghost straight up wise,fuck them bches on that list

  185. breyon says:

    Bruh ghost is a beast buh no lie why is drake being the top 3 like fa real ppl gotta understand hes a rapper/singer thts an extra talent he has why not incorporate tht in his music,.,.,his lyrics are deep nd hav mad emotion ta where u feel em nd ppl relate,.,.,how is this lookd as bein negative? cause he doesn’t hav spit shit violent? how can u say his shit aint real honestly??? this nigga does good music,.,.,he has knowledge,.,hes tryna make a mark, stop discriminating because he approachs it in a different way,.,.,

  186. Robert says:

    Ghostface drops an album every too years. He’s last album was 2010… people need to start buying albums & stop listening to the radio… just saying

  187. Manteca718Yay Bz^ says:

    Draje stole his swag from Sade

  188. Manteca718Yay Bz^ says:

    all these niggas look like fake Neo singing gay ass nerd college boys who got by in there neighborhood cuz they was they only black person.on they side of there suburb hood n fyck ashter ross nigga is Corny wtf….fuck hot 97 too

  189. Manteca718Yay Bz^ says:

    Word too Blood all these nikkas weak as hell.Its a god dame shame shows you how gay n soft hip hop.and the weak lil nikkas and soft ass fat chicks who like boys who dress gay is what the world trying too ………..wu tang East New York

  190. Number2theSnake says:

    It’s like Kool Keith aka Dr. DOOOM says about the game “90% of these rappers are very soft” and these choads are living (and unfortunately, selling) proof.

    …Drake lives at home with his mom…

  191. Anonymous says:

    Ghostface is a beast! he know what he’s talking about.
    you got brothers acting like they are real hardcore and when they come
    out. they come out with something commercial.

  192. Anonymous says:


  193. Bob says:

    Did the author of this stupid post (which isn’t even realivent when one guy takes the top 3) say nigga enogh it was hard to read when the guy loves saying nigga all the time like they are some homies of his. Another couple rappers that should of been on here at least one was outkast group.


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  196. dnt matter says:

    A fam. I feel u but that oldskool gangster shit is played. Its a new day and age. If a rapper gota b hard or a killah, he shouldn’t b rappin. He should b n the. I’m ashamed of u ghostface

  197. Anonymous says:

    Ghostface is a soft fagget nigger who should be hung

  198. jay says:

    this shit is fake. you guys are dumb as fuck. fuck a pencil sharperner
    ghostface is still raw

  199. Don't really care says:

    Wale performed at an all girls college last spring, so I don’t think he scared of girls. Just sayin

  200. hugo217 says:

    dude these are like the best rappers in the game right now homie. why you gotta hate on them

  201. Anonymous says:

    Learn how to speak

  202. cardan says:


  203. That Dude says:

    Yo Ghost is a legend in the game and he has every right to talk, but for you pussies out there who be on lil wayne’s or drake’s dick y’all have no right ya dig?

  204. Anonymous says:

    Yo this shit funny as fuck all these lil bunny bitch rappers out there hip hop is fucked because of them bring back the mudafuckin ruccas

  205. Axe Young says:

    Everyone just CALM THE FUCK DOWN! THE BLOG IS A ((((FAKE)))).
    Wu official are taking care of it and Wiz has even been informed
    about the mistake. So chill the fuck out and stop reading that
    shit..EVEN THO’ Its Funny Ass Shit and mostly…STILL FAKE!

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  207. Anonymous says:

    maybe learning English would sell you some more records, Ghostface……….and don’t be mad at Wiz and Wale just cuz they can read……

  208. Anonymous says:

    maybe learning English would sell you some more records, Ghostface

  209. Anonymous says:

    wow, that guy talks like a retarded racist 3rd grader

  210. Anonymous says:

    This is very stupid. 2 things: 1 u sound like an illiterate wannabe gangster: &2 u talking bout fairy dust?? Ur moms was obviously on it during ur conception. Idk y I clicked that link to ur pg.

    • Number2theSnake says:

      Well based on your post, I’d say it’s cause you’re a fucking moron. I feel like you clicking on this link is like a non-faggot ass clicking on a Maroon 5 link.

  211. imperialshalom says:

    I dont care what nobody say….these are some funny ass pictures!!!!

  212. Anonymous says:

    funniest shit i read all week Ghost! you da man brotha, much respect.. an killin’ it with Apollo Kids, thanks for blessin’ us, ftw!

  213. C'Mon Son says:

    I read more comments. A lot of you need to do your history. First of all Ghostface is not poor you fuckin’ idiots. 2nd of all if you think any of those dudes have better lyrics than Ghostface you have never appreciated the genius of Ghost of the Wu-Tang clan for that matter. Those other artists have done NOTHING (artistically) compared to Ghost. And yea, a lot of them are whiny and melodramatic. You can’t admit that? This is what’s wrong with hip hop listeners. No respect for the art.

  214. C'Mon Son says:

    Allota you guys are fuckin stupid. Take this as comedy and nothing more. You’re fucking hypermasculine ascriptions are ruining the humor. Getting all serious and shit. Don’t fuckin’ front and start internet fights over this shit, Ghost isn’t goin’ after anyone he’s just being funny. And yes for the dumb fucks out there he came out with an album in 2010 and had other recent albums before that, and worked extensively on OB4CL2.

  215. John says:

    all true…. but I don’t see lil Wayne, Mac miller, or chris webby.

    • myguyghostface says:

      hahaha how are you talkin to eachother bout anything other than ghostfaces post. motherfucker put drake in the top 3. THANK YOU! and hes got a picture of ellen degeniris for roth, fuckin smart. then hes callin a guys whole aura “moist.” hahaha what an article ghost every line is true

  216. drake says:

    fuck all yall haters, peace i’m out!!

  217. whood says:

    mad funny how most of dem ppl on da list started rappin AFTER ghost yet dey lightyearz richer nd mor famous. dis nigga mediocre @ best n he jus makn himself look bad slanderin ppl mor successful den himself. mos niggas in florida dont evn kno who da fuk he iz n ppl in new york dont bump ghost nomore itz 2011 da fuk wrong wit ya

    • Number2theSnake says:

      That’s because most people in Florida are either inbred, meth-heads, dumb as shit or all of the above. Florida is America’s wang and one of the epicenters of human trash in the entire world.

  218. R.I.P EYEDEA! says:

    This was hilarious. I got mad love for Ghost but the dudes grammar is horrible. Ayo, namsayin, nahmean. Words like these aren’t in the dictionary. This was funny though i chuckled every time he referred to himself as “the god” haha. Keep doing your thing man.

  219. Steve says:

    yo ghost is a herb. garbage. his songs are haraox. hes still on the corner eatin fried chicken. straight trash. thats not progress. thats not hard. thats straight trash. not straight cash, straight trash!

  220. 8thWondah says:

    Yo Ghost, u a funny nikka!! I’m reading this shit going from chuckles to crying!! Deez mofos is strait diabetic nahmean ? U figadeal me pimpin? like they put the fe in males!! This why I can’t stand rap no more!! These fuckin nikkas ain’t real , they rear!!!

  221. Anonymous says:

    first off u put drake twice, and until you learn how to spell dont talk shit. you dumb motherfucker everyone on this list has accomplished more tham you and your making a list about them when they dont even know who you are.

    • Number2theSnake says:

      That’s funny, I didn’t think “than” was spelled “tham”. Oh and pretty sure the letter “U” isn’t the proper way to spell “you” unless you’re Prince…
      Maybe practice what you preach and learn proper grammar and spelling before YOU talk shit, you stupid ass mother fucker…

  222. Chris says:

    Nice way to make someone’s eyes bleed out and to lose all faith in the education system.
    As far as literacy goes this is garbage. Can’t have a list where you are being rude to other people if you can’t even beat a retard when it comes to typing.

    • Steve says:

      agree. this dude ghostface is long gone. dude its 2011, go back to school, stop talkin like an idiot. thats what got you starvin in the first place

    • Number2theSnake says:

      Look who’s talking, what the hell kind of sentence structure is “Can’t have a …typing”. Ever hear of a subject and a pronoun you dunce ass? If you’re going to talk shit on someone’s grammar it might help to check your own…

  223. justin says:

    i gotta agree wit all these cept ma nigga cudi. alltho it was soft to move quit the game

  224. Zach says:

    I’m too white to understand what any of these words are.

  225. Anonymous says:

    The funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  226. Alanna says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a joke, but if it’s not then..I just don’t know what to think of humanity anymore… Great choice in pictures of Asher Degeneres though.

  227. charity says:

    i smell a hater. you just mad cause they gettin more pussy than you. no fuckin life if you sat here and made this list with only YOUR opinions. soft ass jealous talent bitch nigga, have a nice day :)

    ps. justin beiber prolly gets more panties than you

  228. trealnombreuno says:

    you aint shit bitch, cudi, wiz, and sean all have better lyrics than your stupid judgmental ass could ever think of. just cuz they aint running aroung saying “ima shoot this niigga” dont mean they soft. fuck you. 912 bitch

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  230. imperialshalom says:

    Is this nigga Drake wearin a hoop earing in that last picture???

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  233. kay shine says:

    Real talk ghostface wen da fuck u became da hardiest nigga n rap last time I checked all dem niggas doin it major[accept c.h. he whack]wat da fuck u din I ain’t gon even lie I neva liked wu tang I always thought dem niggas was corny[accpet meth]so eat ah dick u hater u soft bitch

  234. the dog says:

    you forgot about shitspunk!

  235. Cantthinkofname says:

    someone clarify what makes someone “soft” what do “hard” rappers rap about…selling drugs, shooting people, is this hard, is this being “real”
    im just looking for some clarification here, when i hear drakes music i don’t think he is “soft” i think he is whack, maybe someone should give me a definition of being soft pls are rappers like mos def and talib and brother ali, nas etc soft? am i trippin cuz i think there shit is mad fresh and good hiphop if you rapping about yr life and shit regardless if you a black dude from the ghetto or a white girl in the slums, does it matter?

  236. pizt52 says:

    where the fuk is wayne on this list.

  237. AJB says:

    lol if this was real he shoulda thrown rae in there .. didn’t he just do a song with justin bieber? hahahah and all these wu-tang fans going off about “OHHH REAL RECOGNIZE REAL” .. pfft method man had a fucking lame ass sitcom and raekwan is doing songs with justin bieber. oh yeah, wu-tang is definitely so hard still…. this is just a list of 8 upcoming dudes with more steeze then ghostface, who are about to take over the game that some dude made to create some internet beef between a bunch of tough guys on the keyboard.

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  239. mark says:

    wiz is terrible. ive lived in pittsburgh for a while and knew him before he started getting big. so lame. just riding the wave of all the other bullshit mainstream rap these days.

  240. Nigga Bonez says:

    All of you who don’t like Ghostface are just as soft as Drake.

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  242. Clipen says:

    And this is ghostface killah, he has a video of him saying all this too hahah

  243. Clipen says:

    Hahah i agree with the list and all of you other kids who have posted disagreeing with it the only reason you do that is cause your a slave to the radio and what gets played on it, ghostface has earned his spot in history as a member of wu tang one of the greatest rap groups of all time , and they put out one of the top five best rap albums of all time (36 chambers) and isconsidered top 15 mcs of all time by mtv,whereare any of these rappers on that list? Cause i didnt see ANY of them hahah , howmany legendary songs have they made? Best i ever had? Forever? Black andnyellow? Will any of those go down in history hahahahah no they wont , because these guys are terrible mcs

  244. J says:

    Straight baby thighs son. straight up

  245. RadioRaisedMe says:

    Oh baby..right on the head God…respect..n Dat last pic of Drake is nuts were did you find that!

  246. dumonde says:

    point of order… did he just straight swap a pic of ellen degeneres for asher roth & no one’s said anything? on the floor.

  247. joka805 says:

    Oh yeaah you forgot Soooulja Boooy that fo is fresh he rap with 50 cent LOL that makes it worst.
    But you did forget about alot of rapper bacicly the ones on top charts on MTV, Fuck MTV.
    Hey hope i didnt waist my time here hope to here some reply cus it sounds like some people still dont get this rap game shit if you in the wrong game than get out and quit complaining

  248. joka805 says:

    hey yo you got to admit most people came in here cus they knew that, that foo drake was gay and has to be #1 at gayes rapper or singer.You know he does colide with niki lol. But Wiz is still wack too its funny how this dope as rappers like snoop well snoop still kind of cool. Just make them famous, but snoop does it for the money. Now thats how you make money of the media.

  249. a_fake_real_nigga says:

    Drizzy all da way he da realist!!!
    ungh and big ups to that real TRILL AZZ G WIZ!!! and don’t forget ma main hustla WALE!! OK!

  250. Pickz says:

    To the comment above me…. AMEN… School yourselves… and by that I do not mean go to school and try to sell drugs because judgeing my your lack of ability to write a full sentence, all you fucks need it.. ahahahha feel stupid… very stupid.. clowns…

    • Number2theSnake says:

      …says the guy who wrote in one giant run-on sentence…

      p.s you spelled judging wrong, you said “my” instead of “by” and one of your elipses is only two dots. Feel stupid…very stupid…moron…

  251. The DOJ says:

    YO…this shit is ignorant. IG-NO-RANT. How about instead of spending all day fighting about something that is obviously meant as COMEDY, you go to the library, pick out a book…ANY BOOK, and fucking READ that shit. The IQ level (or lack there of) and complete and utter lack of any ability to write a coherent sentence are enough to make me want to stop writing this and start smackin’ the shit out of fools. I want all of you to stop what you’re doing, turn off the tell-lie-vision, turn off your fucking computer, and go do something, anything that is of actual use to society. It seems not one of you has any fucking clue as to what Hip-Hop is all about. I bet none of you even know what the letters r-a-p stand for…and don’t google it, idiot. Did you know WU-TANG and GURU are acronyms? Do you even know what an acronym is? Get your dumb ass to the library. READ A DAMN BOOK. Learn about the culture. Its no wonder that people think that Hip-Hop fans are retarded. YOU ARE. Try finishing high school before you pollute the web with your foolishness. Go to college. And if all else fails, at least educate yourself. KRS ONE (his name stands for something, too), one of the greatest emcees of all time, strongly emphasized education, as did Public Enemy and many other of the true school greats. Hip-Hop used to be a thinking man’s game and its been taken over by monosyllabic mongoloids. Makes me want to fucking cry. I’m almost ashamed to call myself a Hip-Hop fan but I won’t let you fucks take this shit away from those of us that truly feel it, love it and know it. This is the beginning of the end for you motherfuckers…mark my words. Real music will come back with a vengeance one day and all you punk asses will be left in the dust. Wake the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Grow the fuck up. Hip-Hop is an art. Treat it with respect or go the fuck away.

    • J says:

      Get off your high horse motherfucker. People do what they do, faster you realize that, faster you can get on with life, real talk. fuckin red baron ass mustache and soul patch shit man get the fuck outta here with this righteous ass banter. If this isnt the fuckin pot callin the kettle black man then I dont know what is. Like you trying to preach is doing society some use, turn off YOUR computer and go get yourself a life. Why you so worried about everyone else? I always learned me first and fuck all second, if I ain’t alright, nothing alright. Soon as people like you quit worrying about everyone else, maybe everyone will listen because the last thing people react to is busters like you flappin them lips like you a know-it-all. Annoying ass mother fucker. I bet just one thing takes you seriously in life, that’s your dog cuz he gettin FED and he don’t hear all the psycho-righteous-babble floatin out your mouth

  252. Pickz says:

    Honestly after reading this shit… ALLL of this shit… I now know why America is in a recession.. YALL DUMB AS FUCK!!!! May god have mercy on all of you…

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  254. RedFlackal says:

    This article must have been written by a brain-damaged middle-school dropout; there should be a rule in this society that if you’re too fucking stupid to know how to use correct spelling and grammar then you shouldn’t be allowed to express your opinion. Way to be a stereotype, dude.

  255. haHaha says:

    he forgot soulja boy

  256. dont sg says:

    heres a joke…. ghostface killah…

  257. RozeBun says:

    Simply Jealousy.!!!!!! THATS IS ALL.

  258. kc says:

    anddddd.. WuTANG CLAN SUCKS! i would beat all their asses!!!!

  259. kc says:

    yo i jus wanted to get on he’ n drop a N bomb on all yall niggas assses.. UGHHH!

  260. ayo says:

    This is hilarious. Its a parody of both GFK and the rappers. Niggas don’t appreciate multidimensional humor and getting heated. This makes you soft if you getting salty over a humorous piece.

  261. Jay says:

    you missed out kanye!!!

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  263. Boom Queesha says:

    Things I love about this article:

    1. Each one starts with “Ayo”
    2. “….a straight glitter blooded nigga wit a bullshit ass rhyme book…”
    3. Drake takes up the top 3 spots
    4. Asher Roth is a picture of Ellen Degeneres

  264. oh_boy says:

    Man there is a whole lot on hate in here. Since when to “thugs” know how to use a computer, and who gives 2 shits what GFK thinks about artists of today. He is just mad he isn’t having their success, he is washed up gangster from the 90’s. Not to mention his computer must of nearly exploding for all the grammar mistakes and “NAMSAYIN”s. Basically he needs to stop being jealous, and make some music that doesn’t sound like it’s from 94.

  265. Oh-Ghee says:

    You forgot that faggot nigga Fabolus, the nigga more caught up on broads fashion than a flaming fairy and he be tweetin some gay ass shopping shit while his homo-thug niggas probably be running train on his sparkley ass. That niggas name is fabolus, that’s one of the largest used terms for gays, homos, faggots and transvestites.

  266. Joseph says:


  267. Silvio says:

    Just fucking reading this list makes me laugh to see such pathetic and arrogant ass hating.This nigga been through his prime and whatever he continues to drop past 20 yrs of Wu-tang is nothing fucking new or original.The typical “I’m hard,Ill shoot you, I sell dope, blagh blagh blagh” fucking wack ass nigga.I’ve lost all respect for Ghost after this.Nigga is hating heavy for the fact that these new niggas put in work for what they like to do and he thinks he tops them cause he’s Ghost face killa.Nigga you should ghost kill your ass with fucking grammar and literature like that.Nigga sounds like a dumb ass crackhead from the 5th ward.

  268. mikeymike says:

    mannnnn this nigga dont know shit bout ghostface ; nigga has been putting in work since most the niggas on this list beeen in diapers ; do ur hw daniel ; that nigga face is a pioneer homie ; as far as the list goes i would put niggas who putting out music on blast like that ya dig ; respect the hustel feel me?

  269. Pingback: Top Ten Softest Rappers In The Game « Shadyville University

  270. Stop Hating says:

    I don’t understand why everyone hates. Ghostface (really one of his dickriders) is fucked up for putting Wiz on that list. Wiz showed mad respect to Ghostface and said he was an inspiration and that he listened to him when he was a kid. Then Ghostface (once again not actually him) turned around and said that about one of his FANS. He’d probably say that shit about any one of you who’s hopping on his dick to defend him too. Why do you all comment on here like your going to change the things people listen to? Like if you write your comment, the next day the radio will stop playing bitch ass music and start playing good old school shit and hip hop will be alive again. Why can’t you just post your opinion and stop blowing up the people that disagree with the guy you take dick from? The bottom line is everyone on Ghostface’s list sells considerably more albums than Ghostface does. Does it mean they are better? No. But they have bigger fan bases and if Ghostface wants to be as popular as he once was he better adapt or find a fucking time machine.

  271. Corinne says:

    This guy is 41 years old, and he finds it that necessary to rag on people half his age? Just cause his Wu-Tang Clan went out the window 20 years ago… Admittedly, some of them are funny, but over all… the face that he felt this necessary is sad. Be a millionaire and shut up.

  272. Dan says:

    Really the only great rapper to come out in the past 10 years is POS.

  273. Tom Bardwell says:

    epic epic read.
    and surprisingly non-homophobic. no one mention of the “f” word.
    Ghostface READ all of those fools. OMG!!!

    “The nigga makes lambs look dangerous.” *lights out*

  274. Pingback: Straight baby thighs son | Sinting Link

  275. I think it goes both ways. I’m a fan of Ghost and a lot of the artists up there; I think there’s a variance in styles. The stuff Drake puts out shouldn’t be hard, and the stuff Ghost puts out shouldn’t be soft. I agree with Ghost about Wiz and Charles Hamilton, but I think it’s all about preference. Ghost is definitely a veteran in the game, but I think all the dudes up there are doing their thing and changing the face of rapping. I personally think it’s pretty dope.

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  277. Unik04 says:

    It’s not the real Ghostface Killah who wrote that stuff! It’s from and that’s a faux-Ghostface blog in is language but does reflect is real opinions.

  278. Intalex says:

    You know, just because you talk in ebonics, doesn’t mean you have to type in ebonics. This shit was so dribbled I could barely read it. It literally took me an extra 10 minutes to decipher this shit. But I mean I can’t hate because Wu-Tang is the SHIT and Ghostface is raw as fuck, but come on man, type some normal english.

  279. Princess says:

    Whoever wrote this is funny as all HAIL!! Especially speaking about Drake and Wale. Im at work dying laughing right now!!!

  280. Memo says:

    WTF! take KId Cudi off this list nigga.. he’ll split Yo ass if you say dis to his face word up.. raaaaageee bitch

  281. reggie says:

    Yo. at least none of these niggas you brought up did a calab with beiber. like Raekwon WTF was that about? that nigga should of been #1. That shit was sweet on some other shit like splenda.

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  283. paul says:

    sum funny shit

  284. Pingback: MH 306

  285. bd14 says:

    yea im hearing a lot of jealousy/hate. you washed up put the mic down. raise some grandkids or something lol. Wale made the list? iont see how

  286. Brittany says:

    This dude needs to calm down. Really, and possibly learn how to speak English! I mean he’s entitled to his opinion and all, but Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and (especially) Drake are blowing up in the music business whether he likes it or not. And if I’m not mistaken one of the hottest rappers (Lil’ Wayne) is backing Drake up hardcore, even has him on his label (Young Money)! Really, it comes down to money, which Drake is making them! I think this dude I just jealous. When was the last time we heard anything from him? Maybe he was great back in the day, but not anymore. So I say get cracking on an album. It might even sell if he collaborates with ANY of the people on his list. Either way, this blog is just IGNORANT and rude.


      firstly, to use the word ignorant and not know that he releases albums every year since 2002 pretty much the most ignorant things ever. every rapper you claim is making money is riding a dick.

      shout out any real person.

      real recognize real.

      get outta here with your candy ass, little girls pony, pink streamers, dick riding rappers

    • Number2theSnake says:

      You’re gay.

  287. Mega says:

    This shit funny as hell. Where is justin beaver?

  288. scoop says:

    Why u mad tho? The one who is the “softest” is making the most money and is boss over all other on that list combined and you too!!! You sir, are a certified HATER in my book.

    Whether its love or hate, hype is hype!!! Congratulations, you just made all these rappers more famous.

    maker of this list = mindless fgt. Kthxbye!

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  290. Domino says:

    when is the last time Ghostface been relevant or put out a recognized single??? not the biggest fan of these guys either but for the most part they do make good music, they’re just not “gangster rappers” and none of them portray themselves to be….

    Honestly I think Ghost just mad cause this lil niggas puttin him outta work

  291. really says:

    People always want to compare record sales when speaking on how good an artist is. Record Sales don’t make one mc better then the other if that was the case Will Smith would be the G.O.A.T and you would still hear MC Hammer on the radio now. With that said, Ghost Face didn’t even write this blog but its still interesting to see how angry people get. Its an opinion and whomever wrote it is entitled to feel the way they do. So all you stans out there stop Hating on Ghost and talking about his age and record sales and do your research. Its cats like GFK who paved the way for all the people on this list. Know your history of music and stop getting so caught up in your LOVE for some of these MC’s……………LAMES

  292. so true all them dudes is terryclothe ass niggas
    say word.

  293. drakM says:

    Wait… you do realize this isn’t actually Ghostface’s list, right?

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  297. PRG says:

    Yeah they may be soft…but this guy isn’t…

  298. FreshJones says:

    This is a fake list you idiot.

  299. Donsene says:

    Yall do know this is all fake right? this is all written by a ghost imposter’s blog…. this whole article was copied and pasted from that blog….. ghost didn’t officially say any of this shit….. cause if yall would just google whiz whoever and ghostface beef… u will see the follow up…of ghost stating from his twitter account that none of that shit is even him…..i know i know…. its so funny though… shit I believed it too…. but it aint really from ghost…. now yall know

  300. Dons Bacher says:

    First of all, I really hope that ghostface actually blogged this because it is hilarious and truthful for the most part. Being from DC I have to represent Wale, although for the most part his lyrics are kind of weak. Why not switch him out with Kid Cudi. The government should allocate funds to launch Cudi and the rest of that poncho wearing, bi-sexual having bullshit hipster culture to the moon. Admittedly, I am somewhat of a closet Drake fan. I really enjoyed his mix tape “So far gone” and am awaiting the release of his new album, “Handicap Accessible”

    daniel, you stupid fuck, ghostface has to be at least 40 now, why would he drop an lp? He probably doing something behind the scenes that will actually make him money in this day and age, like producing. He’s not going to blow up the spot anytime soon, because he has already been there and done it.

    Chris, people judge you on how you hold yourself, grow some fucking balls.

    Once again, really enjoyed this blog (picture of Ellyn as Asher Roth is classic) and ive really enjoyed the music that has come from Wu Tang over the past couple of decades. I’ve seen their show twice, once at 9:30 in DC and once at Amerstein Ballroom in NY. Ghost, keep doing what you do.


  301. Chris says:

    Wow I can’t even read this shit. It’s cool to talk like that but you wack sonnnnnnn

  302. Pingback: wiz khalifa lamest rapper EVER? - Page 18 - Forums

  303. Tyler says:

    ghostface is garbage as fuck you need to make a list of 10 songs that u can try and put out cuz no one heard shit from u in decades bro

  304. sa says:

    That’s a fake ghostface twitter/blog account. Y’all fuckin stupid

  305. resim upload says:

    Its excellent as your other content : D, regards for posting .

  306. bmw says:

    Nothing on Ghostface, personally I think Wu Tang’s dope, but it seems as if older rappers constantly hate on newer raps for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s a valid criticism and sometimes it’s simply out of jealousy, but I think that rappers like Ghostface simply aren’t as relevant in the game and fry new, more relevant rappers out of jealousy. Look at the Lil’ Kim/Nicki Minaj beef, personally I think they’re both shit lyrically, Kim was clearly jealous of Nicki’s popularity. Like pretty much everything in life, hip-hop is constantly changing. Compare Sugar Hill to Wu Tang and you’ll see a huge difference in type of music. These new rappers are simply the next age of hip-hop. haha I guarentee you tho that in 20 years these rappers will find some reason to hate on the next age of MCs.

    All that aside, this is a funny ass commentary.

    • joka805 says:

      hey your right its a new age of rap but its fucken wack, basicly when a new rapper comes out they improve of an original rapper and that just come out wrong. And the fans are still the stupid one cus they just listen to what ever is given to them on the radio.
      Thats why underground is still fresh.

  307. Real Hip Hop Fareal Son says:

    Ayo Ghostface should have added himself to the list because he talked about drinking a strawberry nutrament at the beginning of one of his joints. Strawberry nutrament? are you fo real son? a few other things that made Ghostface softer than baby doo doo in a diaper :

    1) Admitting that he gets manicures. Only ladies get they nails done son. Are you gonna go get ya eyelashes done next? What about yo lipstick?
    2) Making Ghostdini album entirely R&B. You ain’t hard no more like on 36 chambers. Now you softer than scotty tissues son. Mad weak. If you make joints strictly for the high heels then you become high heels yaself, son.
    3) When your album wasn’t selling, you made a youtube video cryin and bitchin to your fans about why they downloading. That was about as gay as Joe Buddens video after he got punched in the eye.
    4) Strawberry nutrament. Nuff said yo.

    Step ya game up Ghostdini Balerina. Yo shit is mad croussaint son. Buttery and soft.

  308. Seth says:

    Thank you for that, made my day

  309. Dont trip says:

    This is truth! I have to admit I like Kid Cudi though

  310. kris says:

    Respect to the god(s) of hiphop: Wu-Tang, but Drake is ILL, duke. Dude’s not reppin’ the ghetto, so he can’t rhyme like he from there, nahmean?

    He sings a bit too much for my liking tho, LOL. Besides, Kanye birthed ALL these muthafuckas, anyway.

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  312. fucknahmean says:

    plz say nahmean one more time faggot.

    • Intalex says:

      I clicked the thumbs up button below your comment about a thousand times. Too bad it only came up once, nahmean? I fucking hate that word now.

  313. DSRN says:


  314. Blake says:

    this isnt even ghostface killah you idiots

  315. Scott says:

    Anyone else feel stupider from reading this? ayo ayo ayo cos cos… learn English!

  316. Pingback: First, the funnies. | U Must Learn

  317. Great post! Keep it up! Personally, I think having the self discipline to follow through on one’s goals and expectations is the single most important thing a person needs to have. Not only in sports but in just about everything you do in your life. You’d be crazy to expect getting well-developed muscles if you are not working out religiously or if you are not following a proper diet. Following-through makes all the difference. A fire will eventually die out if you don’t feed fuel to it, but it can grow really big if you fan it and give it more fuel to burn. So, if we’re talking about building muscles, following-through means having and executing the right workout program for you, eating a proper diet, taking in supplements, and living a healthy lifestyle. Have a great day!

  318. ... says:

    #7 is Ellen Degeneres at the stand up to cancer benefit.

  319. mike nyce says:

    Yo…that dude in the video must have just started listening to hip hop!! He sounds retarded!!! If you were a TRUE fan of the culture then you would know that Ghost has a platinum fanbase which is why he doesnt have to make SOFT ass music like these other cats, AND HE STILL GOES PLATINUM!!! Check ur stats homie…your facts are wrong!!! Apollo Kids…released in 2011…check it out!!!

  320. I much prefer a place where I could take all muscle building information from one source. Don’t get me wrong, this article is great. I’m going to link this on my site and refer it to others.

  321. rough witty says:

    this is mad funny yo!

  322. Juice says:

    Wait, You all believe Ghostface actually wrote this? Hahaha!

  323. ItsTooMuch says:

    Tony for Mayor!
    Left off the list: Lil B, Lupe Fiasco, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West

  324. MimiG says:

    Real shit!!! Put them in their place!

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  326. Shaun Don says:

    Ghost Face Hater…Hip Hop’s most irrelevant figure of all time. Can anyone actually remember a verse or line that this guy spat? How old is he like 90 and he’s on blog errr day?
    Check out this youtube response to his b.s.

    • mike nyce says:

      Yo…that dude in the video must have just started listening to hip hop!! He sounds retarded!!! If you were a TRUE fan of the culture then you would know that Ghost has a platinum fanbase which is why he doesnt have to make SOFT ass music like these other cats, AND HE STILL GOES PLATINUM!!! Check ur stats homie…your facts are wrong!!! Apollo Kids…released in 2011…check it out!!!

  327. hhhs says:

    most retarded list in the world

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  329. nique says:

    To all yall muhfuckas sayin that rap music nowadays is wack, if you read the damn list, ghost is sayin that these rappers shit is actually dope and they have some good music but their kind of soft, which i can agree with. but in all honesty the majority of rappers who step in a booth and lie about killing people, and sellin drugs are not only soft but they are fraud too. i think these artist are just some normal niggas who are actually pretty talented and not gangstas, pimps, and other stereotypes for young black men, and because of this they are considered soft…. which is why black communities are so fucked up nowadays… but thats a whole different story. bottom line is if i was a rapper on this list, i would read it, laugh at it, then get back to the money, haha fuck a critic

  330. Kpo fa sho says:

    The problem I got with this is.
    1. This ain’ ghost dumbass’s
    2. The thing is, if your going to make a list of “soft” rappers…..make it a list of rappers that claim to go hard and ain’t none of that.

    All these rappers have their own style and they don’t rep as if they go hard. So what’s the point of this shit? Sure yea the comments n pics are funny…..but these dudes ain’t talkin bout fuckin people up, hustlin, robbin or none of that shit.

    If they was talking bout hood shit then by all means I’d say put them on blast. Like it or not these rappers make songs to get money n em songs are bout makin money, bitches, smokin weed skate boarding or WTF ever. They ain’t trying to be hard man.

    If you was gon to a true list it would be the fake wanna be thug rappers out there. Make that list and show it to me. That’s the real list that should be on here instead of this whack shit.

    And I’m not even a fan of none of these dudes shit on this list so I ain’t backin em up by any means yun. Jus speaking the truth. They don’t claim to go hard, so that don’t make em soft.

    They just got a different style of music and if you don’t like it then it’s real easy don’t listen to the shit

  331. Pingback: Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game | YawnCity

  332. Wu-Banga says:

    Anyone who knows whassup knows Ghost already made clear on his twitter that he didn’t write this. So yall should shut the hell up.

  333. Wu-banga says:

    Anyone who knows whassup with Ghost know he didn’t actually write this, and this site don’t know shit if they actually thought he wrote it too. He’s got too much respect to post something like this. A couple months ago he cleared up a funny post talkin smack bout Wiz that someone claimed to be him but it wasn’t.

    Y’all are feuding over comments for nothin.

  334. MattyMattM80 says:

    This is AMAZING….Best of the Worst i’ve read in a while!!!

  335. Pingback: Ghostface’s list of the 10 softest rappers | blaqbook

  336. Zeroes says:

    Ghostface confirmed this was a fake list

  337. malcy malc says:

    i just wanna know,why the fuck aint lil b on this list?that bitch is twinkie soft!

  338. Jack Lack says:

    Nothing Ghostface Killah says makes any sense.

  339. Josh says:

    Yo this list is mad wack! none of these rappers that he listed claim to be hard, they all rap about money, women, cars, weed, and clothes, ghostface is hatin on these dudes cuz they makin way more money than him… like forreal stop hatin and list people that claim to be hard, and btw his grammar is horrible seems like he needs to go back to school, hes an embarassment to his constituency SMH

  340. Pingback: THE ADDICTZ » Ghostface Killah- The Top 10 Softest Rappers

  341. june says:

    LOL @ all these mad drake fans cause ghost is speaking the truth.

  342. thatwhiteguy says:

    alright. the way you talk…absolutely retarded . you barely have a complete thought in any of these. like kid cudi is way better than you. shouldnt even be on here. hating on people on the internet is lame, especially when you spell like a special ed kid who dropped out in like the 4th grade.

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  347. sfdsdg says:

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  348. lee says:

    I can’t stop laughing. Ghostface I couldn’t agree more. Baby thighs, human baby powder, glitter blooded…lmao! Nigga can’t stop laughing!! Big up to GFK and the rest of the Wu-Tang.

  349. style43 says:

    Have none of you seen that this is actually a fake? Its from the Big Ghost Chronicles which is a fake blog supposedly written by Ghost. The Wu threatened him with legal action so he made some adjustments, but I can assure you THIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY GHOSTFACE. Peep the original post and the blog here:

  350. munaz says:

    ghostface should not even be on this list…..remove him and add lill wayne…

  351. pimpin says:

    LMAO @ DRIZZY takin 1 2 and 3….i like some of these niggas but what Killah says is true…they soft, but some of them do make good music.

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  353. ioan davies says:

    i actually feel like iv become stupider from reading this but its all true. wheelchair jimmy couldn’t batter a fish

  354. skamatix says:

    toooo truuuuuuuuueeeeeeee, hahahahahahahahaha. trust the gods, they never wrong. WU-4eva!!!

  355. ahaha says:

    haha this list is dirtier then fingering your sister and finding your dads wedding ring – all these niggas are fake ass mother fuckers!

  356. mike says:

    whaat? mikey factz is dope!

  357. hammerballz says:

    wu-tang 4eva!!!!

  358. xbone says:

    hahahaha….this is some real ish….am really feeling the top three tho….cant doubt that……a nigga so soft he got all top spots – DRAKE……….lmfao!!!

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  360. shay22 says:

    Yo you seriously just jacked this entire blog post from Big Ghost Chronicles. Wow. Dude…

  361. patti says:

    What about Denny Darko?

  362. Tazer says:

    you guys are fucking stupid who disagree with this list. ghostface is a hip hop legend, come one wu tang clan motherfuckers are huge. you guys are dissin ghost cuz he doesnt sell as much records but he still makes better music. you idiots are brainwashed thinking that the more money you make the better you are, hell no just cuz you sold alot of albums dont mean everyone liked it. plus everybody on the radio talk about the same exact shit, women, booty, money, weed. if you dont believe me go ahead compare lyrics of 2 singles on the radio. WU TANG CLAN AINT NOTHIN TO FUCK WITH

  363. Stan says:

    You shuolda credited the ghost chronicles blog for this. You pretty much bit this shit dude,

  364. RrKelly says:

    Lupe Fiasco and Bob Shoulda been there… Yeah I said it. But the rest is all good god!

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  366. you just copy and paste someone else’s blog entry? that shit is cold son.

    head over to for the real deal.

  367. Jaye says:

    LOLOL wow. Best post EVER!

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  369. Willy Lippincott says:

    Do you know whose softer than all these rappers? The dude who’s impersonating GhostFace and writing this

  370. You must be the white girl in the Wale pic… Your in the minority on that one (bruh?) We respect skills ova here and quite frankly your comment is the reason why this list is needed… New generation? Is wack, commericial, gimmicky, corny, and uncreative… He used more creativity describing them then any of them use in all of there music… SMH… Kid Staples no disrespect to your tastes but no respect to them either… Try R&B that maybe more for your tastes… Chris Brown should be dropping soon lol…

  371. GBleezy says:

    Yes!! Drake on here twice, thank you!! I’m sick of kidz jockin’ this fool like he’s some kind of anything at all when he’s really so much nothing just like everyone else wayne’s tried to put on! Except Niki…c’mon now, that broad is the best rapper in his clique, by far….

  372. Poe says:

    using “Record sales” in a hip hop argument is almost always wack but on the flipside of the coin I really do wonder how many of these so called Ghostface fans actually bought his album maybe if yall niggas would spend the money where it should be spent ..then we wouldnt need a list like this ..just maybe Drake and Wiz fans actually calling radio stations requesting their singles…just maybe we as Ghostface fans should be flocking to the stores when his new releases come out and doing the same thing Drake/Young Money fans did when his album dropped…half you niggas saying dont use albums sales in this discussion…and bigging up Ghost’s lyricism are the same exact niggas that haven’t bought a GFK album since Iron Man…yet you wonder why the game is fucked up and wanna shit on these other cats for referencing album sales…if I was a Drake fan I’d do the samething…helll I know you GFK niggas aint buying albums…so damn right I’ma bring it up…Souljah Boy fans ride or die for that lil dude…Nas can’t get us to move …yet we claim we love niggas like Nas and Ghost ..they have no bargaining power at the office becuz the fanbase is not activie …we sound like some damn morons..

  373. RAW says:

    Just wana say that is fucking funnnny. DRAKE IS WEAK. WU TANG FOREVER

  374. RON LEE says:


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  376. ColoredGirls says:

    Kid Staples a westcoast hoodrat & Ghost aint write this…but its

  377. whcarpent says:

    This is genius. The post isn’t lying though. These new guys are just weak. Young kids getting offended because someone speaks the truth on Drake. Drake is a scrub. There is nothing that Drake put that can even bang with Ironman, Supreme Clientele, Bulletproof, Fishscales, or Pretty Tony.

  378. Yo says:

    Y’all knead sum fukin edukashun n dis shyt

  379. apeSHIRT says:

    Great chuckle before bed. Not sure what made me laugh harder: the Top 10 List, or the wack as hell comments that followed. Thanks ya’ll. From the bottom of my heart.

  380. Oh Really? says:

    I cant believe I even just read that. I mean I know some are not as well educated as others but my goodness dude even types in slang?

  381. real nigggaz dont die but kid stapels will says:

    stup suckin on drake dick .. that nigga soft .. ugly .. walk aroun wit fake diamonds .. nigga whole style is a fraud … you a groupie!

    • scoop says:

      they may be groupies but you a homo! look at you talking about drake being ugly and he has bad style..looks like you check him out a little too much. GTFO FGT!!!

  382. D chillin on D's says:

    Can we get a translated version? I would like to read Ghost’s commentary.

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  384. D. says:

    fuck selling copies, sell niggas some fresh hip hop.

    millionaire wanna be mutha fuckas!

  385. eric says:

    you write like a white guy

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  388. this is incorrect says:

    First off …I doubt its ghost. Number 2…if yung berg doesn’t make a soft rappers list (at number 1)…its invalid

  389. Alesandra Dominguez says:

    Iwould love to get in

  390. danny says:

    type better please…nobody can understand that bs up there

  391. LLS! This shit is mad lunchen joh! I don’t care who wrote it, still true and funny as hell. Shit, this list could go on to be like a top 100 cuz there is countless fake ass, bitch made, skirt wearin mainstream rappers out there wit thur candy shop soft ass bullshit thinkin they ganksta and shit. Fuckin lames…Big ups to all tha real heads out there rockin that real undaground hip-hop shit! Hip-Hop is alive and well as long as your lookin and listenin to tha right MCs. Here’s a list for all ya’ll fools that dont have any taste in music cept that bullshit they play on the radio. Open your ears and expand your mind and start listenin to cats like this: Immortal Technique, The Visionaries, Hieroglyphics, Chino XL, Sean Price/Heltah Skeltah/Boot Camp Clik, Reks, Termanology, Hell Rell, Dilated Peoples/Evidence, Zion I, Living Legends/The Grouch, Aceyalone/Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude/Project BLOWED, Celph Titled/Apathy/Demigodz, Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs, Joell Ortiz/Royce Da 5’9″/Crooked I/Joe Buddenz=Slaughterhouse, Necro/Ill Bill/La Coka Nostra. Man I could go on forever. OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE PEOPLE AND ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF TO REAL MUSIC! STOP LETTIN THE MAINSTREAM BRAINWASH YOU! Peep my website link for me and my hip-hop crews music. raw hardcore street-hop str8 outta Central Murdaland/Bodymore!

  392. The Asmatik says:

    I don’t give a fuck who wrote this shit, it’s hilarious. If Ghost wrote this, all the more love goes out to him. The game is soft nowadays. All these lollipop cats getting light cuz the labels want to dead that real shit. Keep doin whatchu do and don’t support that bullshit. Until then the game only gonna get worse.

  393. Najeema says:

    Pics make this post hilarious. Thanks for including Drake 3 times. I can’t stand dude. I pray for a Drake free 2012. (A girl can dream right?!?)

  394. Ayo Starks, thanks for the wisdom god, softness is infecting this game like the clap so big ups for callin’ these laundry lipstick wearin’ cats out. I saw you in Texas a few years back, shit was live but the light technician kept fuckin’ up…top 10 softest light tech’s the game, real talk. My only question is why didn’t Bow Wow make the list? He damn near broke down cryin’ when Game beat him at Madden. Is it because since his CDs own the 99 cent bin at Wal-Mart, he’s technically not in the game anymore?

    At Kid Staples, a word of advice: my cousin is a Drake fan like you and she says if you want him to sign your panties they gotta be game worn; if you approach him with squirrel covers straight out the plastic, he’ll keep walking. So remember homie, grease them drawers before you approach ya idol or he won’t sign his name on ya skid marks.

    Kid Staples is one of the top 10 softest stans in the game, real talk.

  395. LMAO…the picture of Ellen Degeneres where Asher Roth should be…lol. golden.

  396. kupi says:

    Ghostface claims on his twitter page that he did not write this. It was posted on and he swears it’s not him, but someone impersonating him.

  397. New Era says:

    The game hath changed, just all things change. They switch up like pendulum swings.

    In Ghost’s Era it was about projecting hardness, confidence, and most importantly NO VULNERABILITY (if any, it would be little hints at being vulnerable). After a while this shit got played cause you got the fake heads acting hard with no reason. Wu-Tang had a reason to be hard, then the game got flooded with fake ones.

    Now, people got sick of it and the next generation (living an easier life than those growing up in the 90s) can connect to and want to hear more of rappers who are vulnerable with themselves, and openly admit it. Using pain and emotion to drive their music, like Drake and Cudi. Ghost just from a different time and he don’t hate none of these cats, he just wants it to be like it used to be.

    With all that said, this shit was hilarious

    • crazyeyezkillah says:

      Thats a pretty solid comment. I’m presuming Ghostface didnt write this, but damn near everybody is nostalgic for the way things used to be when they were growing up, or when they were on top of the world.

      The thing with rap is….Right now seems like the most diverse time ever. Sure the late 80s and early 90s had (at least in retrospect) a wider range of styles that were national hits..But the whole system has changed now. There will always be room for disposable pop stars who despite being undeniably talented are getting by more on ambition and other people’s faith in putting money behind them. But now there’s also room for all sorts of other artists who can make completely uncompromising music without worrying about contractual obligations.
      Wu-Tang might not have gave a shit about target demographics, but they didn’t have to, they had the whole Loud/SRC/Motown machine thinking about stuff like that.
      Always drove me nuts that people would bitch about No Limit and Cash Money being too ‘commercial’ back in the day…Well no shit, they were making money for themselves. Not for a boss that considered them a commodity.

    • konshus3rdubz says:

      i dont know what your talking about. ghostface BEEN showing vulnerability in his music since he first started. he’s just a real ass gangsta at the same time so obviously hes more hard than vulnerable. l

  398. TRU SKOL says:

    Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!! This shyt is hilarious! What’s funny too, is how people write just the way they talk. Spelling slang out and all, LOLOLOLOL. Wiz halifa-Baby Thighs?! Classic!

  399. kid staples has stapled his nutsack into a vagina says:

    Ayo, why the fuck do wack muthafuckas like u think that record sales = realness?

    U diss cats with talent and call them phony. But the ones with less or no talent that need their record labels to pay the radio to overplay their wack shit so that bitches like u can waste your money on it – you think they are the real ones. Someone needs to smack u upside ya head and swivel it back around exorcist-style, cuz dem demons possessing ya brain got u thinking backwards, fool!

    And kill all that bitchass talk about record sales

  400. kid staples says:

    Boohoo ghost is cryin’ cause he can’t sell records no more. Old ass dude. Hatin’ on the new class, any one of these “soft” cats mixtapes do more numbers than pretty tonys last shit, and the shit before that, and well the shit before that too…
    And the dude with the first 3 spots spit more real shit than this phony ass crumbling cruton tossed salad ass wana be great, wana be dope dealer. Bet he dreams of having drake on a track so that maybe he’ll go back to selling umm 100000 copies hahahahahahah

    • SMH says:

      Thats not really Ghost son ….smh.

    • UaDrakeGroupie says:

      How much Drake’s cam paid you for the damage control lol

    • Cem says:

      nigga – SIT DOWN> they soft son – PERIOD. unit sells DO NOT take from that fact…now go press play on ya ipod and fill your ear canals with all that bubblegum popcorn shit you obviously LOVE…it’s because cats like you they even SELL units – SUCKA

    • it’s not about numbers and that isn’t ghost. this went way over your head.

    • Kid Staples is one of the top ten softest Drake groupies in the game.

    • You.ain't.sayin.nuffin! says:

      Goofball. You tired. Over your nappy ass mop top son! Relax, you still clocked in!

    • crazyeyezkillah says:

      oh look its guy #302929105 on the internet acting like the only way to judge music is by album sales. ayo dat nigga justin bieber be mad tighter than miles davis yo. you aint neva see miles be doin numbas like this yo! hatin ass dead miles davis wishin he could be fuckin selena gomez pourin that thousand island dressin on them lil mexican titties and scoopin it off with the celery sticks and the baby carrots nahmean?

      man i wish i was totally in THE GAME so i could talk like a fucking douchebag record executive instead of a music fan.

      • konshus3rdubz says:

        “ayo dat nigga justin bieber be mad tighter than miles davis yo. you aint neva see miles be doin numbas like this yo! hatin ass dead miles davis wishin he could be fuckin selena gomez pourin that thousand island dressin on them lil mexican titties and scoopin it off with the celery sticks and the baby carrots nahmean?”

        greatest comment ever

    • hahahah says:

      nigga are you fuckin for real???
      youy know premier rated his apollo kids the number one album of 2010? and you’re talkin about sellin records? get the fuck outta here

    • Khalib says:

      You think Ghostface gives a fuck what he sells for records man? I think you just missed the whole point dude. Drake? Drake’s a clown ass fuck man. Bout time someone called him out for his bullshit Degrassi days. Dude’s a chump. Forest Chump. Respect real. Ghost spits lyrics…not record sales.

    • yeahyo says:

      MYYYYYYY MANNNNNN how you gonna go say that ghost is crying cause he cant sell record no more?! do you even know who ghost face killah is? even though he didnt write this shit you a dumb ass for writing some nonsense like that. you probably that type of nigga that thinks soulja boy and g unit is good hip hop. did the drake shit hit a nerve to make you mad? you need to be dick smacked. hands down.

    • runthis says:

      My man..Ghost Face came from an era where just their videos would make you nervous. He didn’t say these dudes weren’t successful HE SAID THEY WERE SOFT! That’s the problem with this new generation, everything’s SMALL. Small ass music comin out your small ass phones from the small ass pockets of your small ass jeans. GO GET CYBER BULLIED N SHIT!!

    • Phil says:

      Wow, you must be in love with these soft niggas. Such a beautiful thing you couldn’t hide it no more? Ghost is an icon, fool LOL…

    • Miggs Son says:

      ugh here we go. it’s comments like this that make me literally cringe, so congrats for that…
      unfortunately it’s the millions of other idiots like u who buy all these guys records. sorry, but that doesn’t validate wut is obviously shitty music. record sales DO NOT represent quality anymore and that couldn’t be more universally understood. so enuff of that shit. please.
      Ghost has been a pro at this for years. he IS hip-hop. Apollo Kids got A’s across the board. fuck a record sale. last i checked, that wasn’t a main element of hip-hop.

      so go ‘head and listen to drake’s “real shit”. even if u do think wut he’s sayin’ is “real” that’s even more proof that he’s soft. wut he’s sayin’ is soft haha. it’s not ill. i’m sorry, but this isn’t even my opinion. by all the standards of “good music” drake (and most of the people on the radio) are producing GARBAGE. shit is “baby thighs son” haha straight thong music. no man should like this shit, it’s fuckin’ tampon changing music. pigtail shit.


    • Empuls says:

      Kid Staples: “Go suck Drake’s d*ck. You are a f*ggot.” -Bill Cosby

    • jacbo says:

      kidstaples? thats the gayest name i’ve ever heard. you take it in the a$$ or somethin? why you back these clown ass soft baby bitch rappers. you’d last a day in the hood sun


      LOL YOU DEFINITELY love sucking off wheelchair Jimmy! I mean i listen to his shit when im with my chic cause …well its vagina music…..but not in my ride in public lol!

  401. Finally! says:

    Ghost is one real nigga but that list should’ve been longer lol this shit is mad funny & its the truth as well.

    • Reka says:

      Yo I agree. Mattafact this can be a fuckin 8 hour read. For real he do a volume 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…………………………………………………………. 2,000

      90% of the game is filled with soft rappers. But the is genius. Would love to see more of this shit.

  402. Trendeezie says:

    Lol this shit is genius

  403. B-Real says:

    Aye I’m touched I’m not on this list, Ghostface

    • daniel says:

      whens the last time ghostface dropped an lp 2002 or something like that he needs to wrk on his self 1st be for he hates on blk americans do there things srry they dont sale drugs but ghostface shld stick to what he does best nothing. lol

      • Phil says:

        Ghost is straight my dude…drops classics for true music lovers, which you are not apparently if you defending pussy like you cuffin’ it LOL. APOLLO KIDS is brilliant. Keep cuffin those hoes…

      • Blah says:

        You must be kidding.

        Slow your roll. Look @ the chart positions. Lemmi guess, you’re a big lil wayne fan too eh?

      • Morgan Freeman Biatch says:

        I can see that you’re an avid hip hop listener. I bet you’re failing in school for not doing your research. The mans been dropping an album every yr and half. Real hip hop. Not the bullshit. If you been reading this blog, you might want to pick up Apollo Kids or read a book or something

      • SherlokChromez says:

        what the fuck you mean? Ghost came out with 2 or 3 albums since 2002!! And all them joints was bangin! Do the math. And on top of it all, ALL these people deserve to be on that list, just cause general american listeners are full of pussies like yourself doesn’t mean that the music is good at all.

      • fereal says:

        daniel i’m guessing your probally a 13-14 year old kid who lives in his mom and pops suburban home and listens to nothing but KoRn, Kid Rock and mainstream ass radio rap. If you know anything about real hip hop you would know that ghost has done more for hip hop than anyone on this whole fuckin list. The wu tang clan was mad original and everyone in the group had theyre own style not like these soft ass carbon copy ass mutherfuckers on this list. take that tampon out your pussy and put it in your mouth cuz you say a whole lot of ignorant ass shit and i think you just need to take a time out and be quite

        • yus-1 says:

          oh my god fereal. u made my day son. hahahaha

        • Anonymous says:

          i think its funny how you say ghostface has put out more music than anyone on the list.dude, as fake as he may be, and besides his wack shit the past year wayne ran the rap game for the majority of this game and as much as you want to argue that, just think back to 05 when you were bumpin his shit in your mom’s van.

          • Anonymous says:

            haha it dont matter how much lil wayne makes or how many damn songs he got. that dont make a diff. about how good an artist is. all young money is total joke son. you would know if lil wayne wasn’t the only rapper you’ve been listenin too and makin rich by buyin his shit the whole time. srsly study some real rhymes homie. WU-TANG FOREVER.

          • fuck you talkin bout sayin lil wayne ran the rap game? the FUCK? that dude can’t rap, don’t rap, and any nigga that likes and respects rap, don’t listen to him. that dude an entertainer, and that it. lil nigga cant even FREESTYLE. Bout as fake as the colors he reps.

            One word to all y’all niggas. Ironman.

            Nigga could not have dropped an album since 20 years ago n it wouldnt matter, but truth is, he is and that’s that and he’s STILL killin it. The end. Soft ass niggas COTTONEL son.

          • Anonymous says:

            Say what u want about Wayne, the niggas rhymes are sick. ” leave’em dead in the livin room’ nigga please… That classic shit.

      • hammerballz says:

        t think ur gay…no offense

      • BrklynBorn says:

        Jelly Donut Ass…

      • mi de says:

        december 2010 u dweeb

      • DJ PHAZE says:

        if u think the last time ghost dropped an album was in 2002 you need to read hip hop for dummies again. ghost puts in work.. u think the only rappers alive are the ones on the radio, ur the reason the ppl on this list are even known at all cuz the only music u know about is whats spoon fed to you..

        ol dumb ass nigga

      • Chris says:

        The Pretty Toney Album (2004)
        Fishscale (2006)
        More Fish (2006)
        The Big Doe Rehab (2007)
        Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City (2009)
        Apollo Kids (2010)

      • he’s made 3 albums in the past 3 years, and was featured on OB4CL2 5 times.

        just cuz YOU don’t listen to real hip hop doesn’t mean everybody else doen’t mean everybody doesn’t
        lemme school you grasshopper.

        Supreme Clientele 2
        Ghostdini Wizard of the Airwaves
        Apollo Kids

      • A Killer says:

        Daniel, you fishgrease faggot- his last album was 2010, and he got 2 more on the way- its about time someone called out these argyle wearing softies. If I could reach through the computer screen and bitchslap the teeth out of your mouth, I would,

      • Drizzy says:

        Fuck you Daniel.

      • kimmiebk says:

        Ghost JUST dropped some new hottness. and he’s on point with everything he said.

      • andres says:

        First ghost the god would murk all 10 of them fags….And Ghost aint got to!!!! sell shit!! THE GOD is a LEGEND! Ghost out do any of them kats on the mic…they should put u number 1! U softer than babyshit…probably to scared to stand on ur own corner

      • Syn says:

        damn you been living under a rock??? ghost is one of the hardest workin cats in wu and alll of hip hop for that matter. let’s see, in the last few years he has released something like 5 (full length) albums that were all banging!!! quit hating and check yo’ self. guess you fall under one of the top 10 softest listeners of rap….cus you sure ain’t hip hop. now go buy a dime off one of ghost’s corners, roll it in a blunt, smoke it and enjoy it.

      • Terrill says:

        you are an idiot

      • daniel is dumb says:

        do u even listen to hip-hop ? fishscale GFK has steady been releasing LPs fool. think b4 u type, works every time.

      • THE MC says:

        Ghost just drop an LP this year. he drops like every year

      • Wise says:

        You come off as a real faggot.

      • Yo says:

        Yo real talk niggas is dumb as a dildo if they think Ghost is actually writing this shit. Nigga is the Wallabee Champ, some off brand mutt nigga just trying to capitolize of the gods lingo. Serving darts to marks under the guise of a real nigga. You niggaz is semi to the fullest if you trying to downplay Starks in any way shape or form…

      • Ace says:

        I love this thread. Where daniel go?

      • Ace says:

        Bitch Ghostface will bust whoever ass that said this bullshit! Nigga This is Wu-tang Muthafucka I know Ghostface u Extra fagg ass Nigga . Give me One soft moment from Ghost??? I”ll Wait???………….. And he a Fuckin Pioneer ,O.G status he aint got to prove shit to anybody his career speaks for itself. Real rappers know who the fuck he is. That nIgga Got Pure Classics! I was Jus listening to that “All I Got is You” ft Mary J Blige. Are you fuckin Crazy!!! Supreme Clientel LP!!! Dude yall nuts! Ghost must dropped his Nuts in Somebody mouth n they got pissed in made this Shit up Lol! Lil Wayne kiss Baby numerous times but yall act like that went out the window! Matter fact its a segment on World Star Hip Hop RIGHT NOW! Showing him Kiss Baby on RAP CITY! So he gangster to yall Soulja Boy??? WTF Ghost a Real Nigga, and his Album Ghostdini Was fuckin Dope I got Pussy off that CD Listen to it ya Fuckin Guppies! And these Faggot ass lookin muthafuckaz in the game with tight ass jeans tight ass shirts Mohawks V neck T-Shirts Do that GAY ASS DouGie Dance yall look like 1000% Fags! Dat shit is tha most Feminine shit Ive ever seen.

      • johnnybegood says:

        ghost drops a album almost 0nce a year

      • Ben says:

        Shut the fuck up, you obviously haven’t done your homework, he’s released six albums since ’02. Regardless, Ghostface is a fucking poet and a legend and he has earned the right to say whatever the fuck he wants, especially about shitty rappers like Drake and Asher Roth.

      • Ski-Mask says:

        Drake is from Canada, Faggot.

      • AKA says:

        youre a fucking idiot.

      • J-Truth says:

        Daniel, just say you’re sorry and it will all be over.

      • Wiz Kallifah says:

        Yo’ this nigga is so corny right now.

      • E says:

        Ghost comes out with an album like EVERY year people like you who listen to trash wouldn’t know that because you keep the radio on

      • Nah you’re just a bitch.

      • not daniel says:

        He’s put out tons of albums since 2002. Research your comment before you lay your dumb knowledge down. Your one of the bitch ass people hes talking bad about. Not know crab about hip-hop.

      • Sidekick says:

        Ghostface is fucking illiterate I can’t understand half the shit he says… oh wait that’s because he’s a nigger

      • matt says:

        hey, cunt. Ghostface is a legend and owns everyone on this list even if he never spits on another track

      • SD says:

        HOW THE hell you go dis GhostFace he is one of Greatest ever and will rip all these soft fools to death. TRUST

      • Danski says:

        My name is Daniel too.. so I punched myself in the face in hope this whack ass femme pad of a man felt it. Ghost is an Icon. Am rocking his shirt right now. The CHAMP: Back like De JA Vu maaaphukkkkaaaaaaaaz!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about.

      • wuuuuuuuu says:

        um im pretty sure hew just dropped appolo kids not to long ago and he was featured on most of the tracks in cubin linx two and wu massacure …u dont no wat ur talkin bout ur jusss sayin that cuz YOUR soft bitch

      • Anonymous says:

        ghost is a legend, you’re a faggot, suck your mother

      • tim says:

        you judge music why cant he? just cause he makes music doesnt means he cant listen to other music…

      • Faiham Khan says:

        LOL cuz you fucks with those punk ass bitches up there you puss
        APOLLO KIDS(2010) my son, nuff said you already fucking kno !! but cuz you obviously dont, stay shut and read a fucking book

      • duethedue says:

        u fucking idiot, none of these bitch ass niggas would exist if it werent for ghost and the wu

      • Anonymous says:

        are you serious you ass clown??? Ghots is the on;y cat still sampling classic joints and bringing the Force whenever he spit. He drops gems every other year fool

      • ha ur tripping dick ridder he has come up with joints every 2 years apollo kids cam out in dec 2010 then he was legendary weapons which came out last month.. shut ur dumb ass mouth and go to sleep hoe !

      • Anonymous says:

        Its “sell” not “sale” and ghotsface pioneered this game, only to let these wack dudes take a piss on it daily.

    • Biz says:

      The only reason Ghostface isn’t on this list is because he made it. Real talk, tho, when the list of has beens no one cared about in the first place, I’ll put Ghost as number 1. Whack ass, speak and spell rhymer.

      • Aidger says:

        Ghostface a speak and spell rhymer? Pwahahahahaaa… no comment really even necessary. Slap yourself.

      • Empuls says:

        Biz: “You are simple minded f*ggot. Go f*ck yourself.” -Bill Cosby

      • Hey man, relax, Justin Bieber will drop an album soon okay?

      • A Killer says:

        Biz…you sure your real name ain’t WIZ? I bet you on the list PUSSY

      • imperialshalom says:

        guess you missed the boom bap era

      • Tyrone Biggums says:

        bitch ass punk. Show credit where its due. The real “has-been” no one gives a shit about is P diddy… as if he even WAS a has been.

        Who else made it…? Technically Soulja Boy made it. He’s rich as fuck. But hell no I ain’t showing that bitch ass nigga respect. There’s a HUGE difference between OG and just some punk ass new generation kids stroking their ego. Tread carefully, people ain’t as soft as you new gen kids.

    • ioan davies says:

      mate thats coz your shit and nobody knows who you are

    • ioan davies says:

      thats coz your shit

    • JMB1138 says:

      B, you could never be on that list! The Hill was the soundtrack to my teens, smokin bongs in the park and first learning to roll fatties. Respect to Ghost, Wu Tang, Cypress Hill and all the real hip hop artists out there. PS I’m a British guy who grew up in a good part of town but my life would be incomplete without the beats & rhymes from Sugar Hill to Aesop Rock. RIP Eyedea, Guru and all the rap gods that have passed away.

    • Sally Jenkins says:

      When did skinny jeans and techno become rap? Are we soft as a society or did the rappers change us? Who determines where we go from here? Us or the music? Hardcore has already been written, so now can we go back and do it all over again? Maybe we have become too comfortable. Mos Def said hip hop is not a giant living in the hill side, but that WE ARE hip hop. So maybe it is not rappers who have become soft, but us as a society through communication and facebook, twitter, dance clubs, etc…How many gangsters are out there tweeting about their day right now?

    • A Killer says:

      How is Sen-dog doing?

    • jacbo says:

      This is a piece of literary genius! Ghostface is a true G and sizes up all these punk lil babys proper! Aint nuthin to F with sun!

      • Anonymous says:

        literary genius, this fool is a clown. Need to bring a translator in here to make sense of this blogger’s illiterate ass. and yeah ghostface is harder, but you cant be hard all the time, gotta smoke and chill to some softer tunes like cudi or some biggy smalls. All about Tyler, the Creator though. That shits dope and hard as hell

    • scott says:

      ghostface is a genius he’s absolutely right

    • p chase says:

      lmao!!! what can i say, ghost is right on point on that Drake dude, he is pretty soft and soft ass rappers dont get played on my changer you feel meh? I wonder if he would man up if some one tried to snatch his chick.

    • HB805 says:

      um, i’m a white girl from the safest part of central cali and i already knew these bitches were soft, and wack as hell for that matter. ghostface knows his shit, thanks for saying what has been on my mind for months. when the god speaks, shut up and listen.

    • josh says:

      Daniel you clearly dont know anything, Ghostface dropped Apollo Kids a few months back in 2011 not back in 2002. You cant say what he does best is nothing since he is considered a phenomenal artist by many. You are all caught up in the hype of what is “hott” right now. That doesnt make it good hip hop. Daniel all i can do is smdh at yo silly ass.

    • who cares if your not on the list, tha mans who wrote this is the softest nigga of dem all. Hes just a puss dissing successful ppl. Who is he to say anyones soft? no one, thats why no one knows this pussys name, namean. Jst cuz some ppl arent hard doesnt make dem pussys. This guy clearly dont get ladies if he think asher roth is gunna scare dem away. The only thing scarin ladies away are dumbass douchebags like himself namsayin

      • Y U NO says:

        who wants to bet “bigblacknigga” is really a little wihte cracka?

      • wompwomp says:

        Do you fucking know ghostface you hating ass faggot, kill yourself…. Ghostface has been very successful in his career, just because you’re a bitch doesn’t mean Ghost is.

      • Number2theSnake says:

        Ghostface Killah
        Tony Starks
        Iron Man
        The Wallabee Kingpin
        Pretty Toney
        Dennis Coles
        Starkey Love (check the strategy)
        Motherfuckers know this cat’s names, son and before you start defending some Cat in the Hat ass “rappers” you should think about what you’re doing. Asher Roth?!?! Are you seriously defending that piece of shit? You’re right, he doesn’t scare ladies away, because ever since Sex and the City every girl wants their very own flighty-ass gay friend to talk about boys and shoes with, so by all means bump that shit if you want some shopping partners you faggot ass, rat soup eating mother fucker.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’s a bitch nigga. Come around here and I’ll snatch yo chain

      • Anonymous says:

        What a FAGGOT you are in your pussy lil disguise … Fukkin pussy ass new generation .. SO SOFT !!!!!! I’m 26,,, the LAST generation to keep it REAL… all these new niggas is str8 ASS

    • Peter says:

      Ghostface is by a wide margin better than anyone rappers on this list and anyone who disagrees does not know real hip hop….. ghostface may not be doing as much shit not but i garentee hes got way more shit out than any of these fools…..

      nuff said

    • WTF? says:

      WTF did you just say in all that text? Besides a rather stupid term used to describe you.

    • wu-hill says:

      is this actually b-real

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