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Yung L.A. Explains Facial Tattoo

Thursday, 24 February 2011

After pictures of Yung L.A. and his quacky tat hit the net, he phoned XXL to explain the motivation behind his ink. Many speculated it was the logo of Atlanta based label, Duct Tape Entertainment.

“That tattoo just comes from something in the city. My cousins grew up with a lot of people from Zone 6, I know a lot of people from Zone 6, and the people from Zone 6, there whole movement is called Duct Tape and I just had been really getting up with these guys. Everybody in the city from Zone 6, Zone 3, Zone 1, from Duct Tape to YGC to CDB to 30 Deep, there’s so many cliques in Atlanta and I just wanted to be the Robin Hood, I just wanted to be the guy that could have relationships with everybody in the city. – YL


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